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Why can’t we consider some of what Eckart Tolle teaches as true? (This Q&A session came after a lecture on New Age and specifically Eckhart Tolle’s book “A New Earth.” That lecture can be found here under “New Age Lecture”) ((any comments that are personal attacks and/or mean spirited will be removed))

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  1. Interesting how such intelligent people can study this and read materials such as a new earth and not even question for a second that they may be mistaken.
    Uncharted territory for many a religious believer.

  2. dont be insulting the new age movement because christianity is a copy of pagan sun religions that is why jesus was thirty when he started his ministry and that is why he had twelve deciples because the sun takes around thirty days to get to each of the twelve astrological signs why is the day of worship on sun-day why is it when jesus died on the cross it was darkness in the land why does christian art work always have jesus’s head inside orange orb because jesus is a parady of the sun

  3. There are alot more world views than three! Why do alot of christians think that everyone who don’t hold their views is deceived? This is just arrogance. Good is as good does…..Tolle’s life speaks for itself. As for the personal god of the bible his genocidal acts in the bibe speak for himself. I can’t imagine Tolle calling for the destruction and murder of the people in “the promised land”. Maybe god needs to read “The power of now”

  4. Only the ego/mind would judge and measure. Why discuss truth? Truth is not a thing, it is everything at the same time in eternety. And this truth, isness or God is not graspable for the mind to measure. Which means it is completely futile to discuss it. There are nothing right or wrong, but thinking makes it so. The moment you know that you did something wrong, you will be lost in the mind, and all you have to do is to truly confess it without hiding, and there is your forgiveness.

  5. You talk semantics when the important issue should be more people valuing spirituality. Check out your congregations and the interest in Tolle’s presentation. You are being incredibly selfish.

  6. Take out Good and Bad, Right and Wrong.. and what do you have? lol We’ll never know the answer to the meaning of life because life is always moving in the present.

  7. I don’t think it really matters what you believe in at all, As long as you living and loving life and a positive influence to yourself and others in your life. So what does it really matter? It’s not that complicated.

  8. I am really tired of this and I think it is going nowhere. Your not going to change my mind nor I you. The best that we can do is agree to disagree. I think Tolle has some beautiful insights and I really enjoyed his books. Good luck to you jlcopp. No hard feelings. I apologize if my opinions have offended anyone. Mom, always said not to discuss religion or politics with strangers. What set me off was that you were critical of something that made me feel closer to Jesus. I think you are wrong.

  9. YOU do not speak for ALL CHRISTIANS! You are not all knowing. I don’t care HOW much schooling you have had. I could bore you with the details of how many times I have read the Bible, apocrypha, and assorted history books. I have heard wiser words from the mouths of small children than the crap I’ve heard come from some college professors, religious leaders and world leaders. I am not impressed.

  10. And in keeping track of why I posted. You are claiming that Christians can gain a lot from Reading Tolle’s books. Well, I’m telling you that Christian’s will NOT. Any Christian that studies the Bible is going to recognize what Tolle is “Peddling”. I find the opposite is true that only “New Ager’s” with Gnostic Beliefs are trully Clueless.

    There are conditions of Mutual Exclusivity here. Therefore Evidence Demands a Verdict

  11. And my first response to your request for me to Study History of the Early Church was that I have done this and continue to do this. Maybe I should have prefaced this with to ask you how much you have ACTUALLY studied the Bible and to use your own words about “short changing yourself”.

    How much have you studied or have you just been the type that looked for the reasons to rationalize disbelief?

    There are Christians like myself that are not Clueless as you may have found…

  12. And given that the People of the Old Testament have had verifiable experiences quite similiar to what Christians experience Today, I’d still have to say that what God stated via the Profits and Apostles is still valid and true today compared to what those in any “New Age”/Gnostic belief system. After all when you REALLY sit down and do the deep down comparison, it becomes pretty plain as day why Christianity tends to have the Real Answers.

  13. I spent 2 years working on an MBA at Duke University but switched after being led into wanting to understand what my Personal Walk and Relationship with Jesus Christ is via the Holy Spirit. I’m also currently thinking about attending a Theological Seminary soon. I’m working on understanding Hebrew & Greek as to better understand the Original Manuscripts.

  14. Well,Suzy
    We are just getting started. Why would you say such things. You know there is not enough space to respond in these things. After all, aren’t we setting the foundations so that I as a Christian can share what I know and have found to be true with someone that feels the same in another way?

    You may consider my answeres thus far to be shallow, however, they still are founded on Biblical Truths.

  15. To anyone who says their minds are being influenced by “deceiving spirits?” Sorry, I just can’t go there. It’s laughable.

  16. I don’t believe that Christians have the corner on all wisdom. Tolle is not asking you to change your religion or follow him. To think that the only wisdom in the world can come from your corner and all else is lies and attempts to lead you astray is paranoid and ignorant.

  17. Did you ever stop to think maybe when you speak of:
    “Religious” People. Yes these types of individuals can drive people like yourself away and RIGHT into the hands of False Teachers.

    That you could be the victim of that yourself? You could be teaching false doctrine?

    After all, who would “the devil” want to deceive anyway? Me? In your opinion I’m wrong already. It’s you who think you know who are the ones to be decieved.

  18. Jlcopp, I apologize for calling you shallow. That was very unfair and untrue. I don’t agree with you by any stretch but that was wrong. I apologize.

  19. You can’t say that I made ad hominem attacks either, anymore than I can say you do the same. I don’t say ALL Christians don’t get it. Many, in my opinion don’t and that is hardly a ad hominem argument.

  20. Jlcopp, I would ask YOU the very same question! Don’t you think the deception of Satan or whatever would be where you least expect it? Like in your sure-fire beliefs? I think sometimes Christians don’t use their critical thinking skills we all learned in school.

  21. To anyone who is reading this post I say. Read, read, read, and then read some more. Don’t take someone’s word for the truth. Trust yourself and don’t be afraid to change your mind. Pray, meditate, ponder and explore. Be realistic. It’s a wonderous world and we are wonderous too. From my perspective,anyone who finds something wrong in Tolle’s writtings majes God very small indeed and is afraid of something. Like I said before some of y’all are clueless. You either get it or your don’t.

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