Eroded tonsils? What does that mean in naturopathic medicine?

I have had issues with my tonsils my entire life. The first time I got strep was 2 years old, and I had it 16 times between the ages of 4-6. My pediatrician put me on 3 straight months of antibiotics at that point, since my parents would not have them removed. I’ve only had strep a handful of times since then, but my tonsils have been a continual battle since. They are almost always swollen, and more often than not, sore and red. Sometimes they get a white stringy infection on them, which has tested negative for strep every time, and I have continual tonsil stones. I have recently been talking to my doctor about just getting them taken out. Since he is a naturopath, he would rather try to treat them before removing them, since I have never tried natural methods to help them. As he put it, I have been fighting them for 21 years, and what’s a few extra months trying to treat and repair the problem before deciding on cutting out lymphatic tissue permanently. I agree that it’s worth a shot, and his last treatment worked amazingly well (I had been battling some form of long term infection for years that sucked all my energy, multiple rounds of antibiotics from my GP had not cleared it up ot helped in the least, and after 3 months on a couple homeopathic supplements, my elevated white blood cell count dropped to normal and I feel like myself again- energetic and not sick).

Anyways, he said that my tonsils are eroding because of such long term inflammation and infection. He gave me 2 supplements, one to clear out scar tissue and the “erosion” and another to help rebuild new healthy tissue. I’m seeing him again in 3 months to review if they’ve helped, and if not, then he will asses whether or not recommending they are removed and referring me to a specialist. I ran out of time because I had to get back to work, and I never really got to ask what exactly it means to have eroding tonsils? How exactly do they “erode” and what sort of health implications does eroded lymph tissue have? Thanks for your answers!
Also, I am not asking your opinion on homeopathic treatments. My naturopathic doctor is very good about referring me to a specialist if he feels traditional medicine is necessary or should be used in conjunction with my natural treatments.
As I was saying, I am not asking personal opinions on natural medicine. I’m still slightly skeptical of it myself. However, all I know is I had a serious issue that was negatively impacting my life for a couple years, and not getting better in the least with traditional medicine, and it had nothing to do with my tonsils btw. After giving homeopathic medicine a try as a last resort to get my life back, I found it worked absolute miracles. It is why I’m giving it another try for another seemingly incurable ling term problem before hacking out part of my body.

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  1. Children are more prone to infections when they are young, and tonsillitis is often of viral origin, and not always bacterial as many people assume. Now, I had persist issues with my tonsils when I was a child and I’ve had mine removed. In some cases this is needed, persistent courses of antibiotics are never ideal and there is actually little evidence that they alter symptom duration in most cases. However, despite clear guidelines that are in situ, many GPs are a bit rash when prescribing antibiotics, if you are fit and healthy the body is usually able to clear mild and minor bacterial infections, so quite often antibiotics aren’t needed- just monitoring, and patient compliance…. to return for further advice if things get worse.

    Tonsils can atrophy in early adulthood. The problem is that recurrent infections can turn tonsil tissue into a nidus for anaerobic bacteria. If you are having persistent problems with your tonsils >5 infections a year) see if you can be referred to an ENT, perhaps with a view to have them removed. Nothing in AltMed is going to be of much benefit here.

    Homeopathy is nonsense, And your tonsils have not eroded- Naturopaths are basically quacks.
    “However, all I know is I had a serious issue that was negatively impacting my life for a couple years, and not getting better in the least with traditional medicine, and it had nothing to do with my tonsils btw. After giving homeopathic medicine a try as a last resort to get my life back, I found it worked absolute miracles.”

    No, you had an illnesses that got better (as many if not most do, with or without treatment) that coincided with you taking sugar or starch pills (essentially all homeopathy is). You don’t know that homeopathy was the result of your improvement.

    I’m not trying to tell you what to do, if you want to waste your time and money on implausible concepts, thats’ entirely your prerogative. I’ve given you sensible, rational advice. What you do with it is up to you.

  2. Rhianna, to flat out state that “Homeopathy is nonsense, And your tonsils have not eroded- Naturopaths are basically quacks., is a lesson in the appearance of complete ignorance!

    Tonsils fight infection and are an important part of the lymphatic and immune systems. I never had mine taken out, they disappeared and left two white spots as explained by my doctor was what they were supposed to do. Yes sometimes they need to be removed. However, how many children might suffer needlessly were they allowed to experience Natural Medicine techniques. My two children, now grown, never had theirs taken out and did not experience problems with them when they were young. What they did have problems with was ear infections. My son at the age of 6 was prescribed a third bottle of Amoxicillan with no sign that it was working for him when I put my foot down and said NO. The suggestion was more pink medicine and tubes in the ears. This after a string of infections over a few years. I took him to a Naturopath where he was put on a simple diet of real food, and allowed his body to recover from the barrage of anti-biotics that had contributed to his immune system being run down. We used natural medication and good quality vitamin supplements in the place of anti-biotics and over the course of 6 months, was never bothered with them again. After that, the Naturopath became our family doctor and he saw us through any childhood ailments that we encountered. With my willingness to take part in my family’s health, he helped educate me in natural healing along with my own endeavors to do so on my own. I learned what to keep on hand so that when ill health struck as it does with children, I was able to deal with it in the middle of the night to ease their pain and discomfort, and if necessary, get them to our ND the next day.

    “Homeopathy is a system of medicine which involves treating the individual with highly diluted substances, given mainly in tablet form, with the aim of triggering the body’s natural system of healing. Based on their specific symptoms, a homeopath will match the most appropriate medicine to each patient.”

    Natural Medicine includes homeopathic methods but is by no means limited by it. A Naturopath is schooled in many other methods by which to heal the body and keep it healthy. Although my experience is mostly with herbs delivered to the body in various forms i.e. capsules, tea, tinctures etc., I did use homeopathy on my children when they were very young and unable to discern between a “sugar pill” and medicine that was meant to make them feel better.I spent many a night with my daughter howling in pain in the middle of the night when she was cutting her first teeth and took the suggestion of my health food store lady to try homeopathic tablets to soothe her pain. Did it work? Yeah, it calmed her down enough that I could get her to sleep where she belonged.
    No one thing works for everybody, but to include natural medication along with a healthy diet and find what does work is my answer found in decades of experience. I think people run in to problems where they think they can try one thing and expect it to work instead of committing to adopting it as part of their lifestyle and educate themselves along with using the education and experience of a good Naturopath.

    Perhaps I digressed from the original question in my expression of passion.
    : ( If anyone has been an active part of the natural approach to healing, I think you have been extremely patient in your efforts to stick with it. Its your body and you know what you have dealt with and how much you can try before its time to do something else. If as it was explained to my by an MD when I was 18, they are naturally supposed to shrink away when the body doesn’t need them in childhood. It sounds like your “eroding” translates to beat up badly. I hope your current course works for you. If not and you have them taken out, it would not be for your lack of trying to not do so! As much as a believer that I am in the natural way, I had a gall bladder attack when I was 32. It was so traumatic, I spent half a day researching the possibility of hanging on to it, then I booked surgery to have it removed. I did not buy into the fact presented to me by the MD that it was a “disposable organ” but there was no other solution to keep it that did not include more of the same. In the end, its your body and your decision as to what happens to it.

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