What is an Iodine Tincture, and how do I do one?

My sister says an inexpensive way to test if i have an iodine deficiency is to do an iodine tincture, and that i can get one from a pharmacy. She says that the faster it absorbs, the more deficient my iodine level is or whatever. What is an iodine tincture, and how do i do it? do i do that thing where i poke myself with a needle? or just put it on my skin? thanks to everyone. <3

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  1. The best way to fix an iodine deficiency is to buy iodised table salt rather than normal table salt. That is what i did and it worked for me. Iodised table salt can be bought at most supermarkets.
    You don’t have to be iodine deficient to use it though. It is a good salt to continue using to prevent the condition returning.

    Use applicator rod to apply Iodine to upper thigh or low abdomen (or any other area of skin where the Iodine is visible) in a 3″ square patch. Rotate the area of application each time you apply it. Apply as often as you notice that the Iodine has absorbed and the skin is clear. For instance, if absorption occurs in 2 hours, reapply immediately; if it occurs in 4 or 6 or 8 or 12 hours, reapply whenever you notice that the skin is clear.
    When you eventually notice a faded brown stain after 12 hours, check in another 12 hours for the stain. If your skin is clear after 24 hours, continue application once a day until stain is apparent after 24 hours. Discontinue application when you observe a faded stain at 24 hours after initial application.
    The objective of the frequent applications is to accomplish the 24 hours slight “stain” as quickly as possible, rather than to have to continue to apply over several months time.
    To be sure that normal Iodine levels are stable, check absorption again in one week. If stain is visible in 24 hours, your Iodine level remains normal. Because stress of daily living can put a strain on your Thyroid, it is recommended that you recheck Iodine absorption every 3 months thereafter. Repeat the process described if it fades in 24 hours or less (in 1 week or 3 or more months).

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