What are some good resources to learn about Native American spirituality?

I’m doing a study on religions and spirituality, and I’ve started working on Native American beliefs. Can anyone give me some good websites, books, videos, etc. on the subject? Books would be best probably, the easiest for me to get my hands on and my favorite. Anything would be appreciated!!

6 thoughts on “What are some good resources to learn about Native American spirituality?

  1. Go IN PERSON to a chief or shaman. There are many things that ARE NOT in print.

  2. First off, there is quite a bit of diversity among Native Americans. (and the Native American Church is only one and very controversial at that, please do not stop there)

    Second, it is correct that the best way is to speak to Native Americans themselves. However, since you are doing a study rather than looking to practice those beliefs (in which case, the only appropriate way would be study under a religious leader) and you are probably limited in access and travel, then I would say that books are acceptable. The library is the best place. Also, try searching Amazon. Carefully examine all the books you come across. Possibly search the author online to see if there is controversy.

  3. native american church is not a traditional belief. its more recent in origin.

    there really are no good books about native beliefs because we try hard not to share them with people outside our own nations. there have been non native anthropologists but their understanding about what we believe is often clouded by their own beliefs and very inaccurate. if you want even an idea of how we think…try Neither Wolf Nor Dog. by a guy named Nerburn


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