25 thoughts on “4 Steps for Creative Visualization

  1. This is the nearest thing to Cosmic Ordering that can alter our environment and circumstances, cause events to happen, attract money, possessions, work and love, change habits and improve the health. Be Cosmic …

  2. great sumary . it reminded me the book, so that i went back reading it again

  3. taww this is great thank you advice pictures of the worlds favourite family and supurb music ..long live you tube too

  4. @machetes

    how has Shakti Gawain helped you in other ways?

    I hear other good things about Jiddu Krisnamurtie as well

  5. It’s from the traditional Sabbath evening Jewish liturgy. This niggun (tune) is sung to Lecha Dodi, an ancient kabbalistic welcoming of the Sabbath.
    We sing it without the musical instruments as it is forbidden to play music on the Sabbath. Glad you enjoyed it. You’ll hear it in most orthodox synagogues on Friday nights.

  6. i thought i’d mention one last step action!
    :D!!! other wise you’ll just be daydreaming all day and night

    you must take some inspired action to manifest your desire! 😀

  7. What a classic!!!!!!! The steps to success can be quite simple but as humans we do tend to over complicate things. Great work, lite and fun.

  8. I say it’s a mixture of Flamenco, Country Western, “Mexican Polka,” and some other subtle stuff I can’t clearly identify. Maybe a touch of pop of some sort.

  9. I am absolutely agree(even if you dont know who i am)is extremely effective indeed.
    and by the way the music is gorgeous.
    Remember that practise makes perfect!
    so keep on with strong faith, and you will see.
    Thank you very much!

  10. I’ve had that book since college- it’s all worn now but I carry it with me & continue to read it. I’m telling you- that’s how I got into law school- love the video

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  12. lol you idiot your not supost to curl up in a ball in and sit in the corner day dreaming. You get a goal make a picture of the reward and start to work towards it. say you want a billion doallars… you have to break down your way into a pattren and work towrards it in little steps so the task dont seem too big. 1 billion dollars can be earned by collectin one dollar from 1 billion people so get your guns and ammo and start hustelin baaaaabyyyyyy !!

  13. Yes I have a copy of that and it was the FIRST one which worked for me too:)

  14. That is exactly. By doing so, on a steady basis you approach the reality to thought. Practice and you will see.

  15. Would’nt it be like counting your chickens before they hatch?? Just a thought…

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