3 thoughts on “Are there any similarities between Pantheism and Druidism?

  1. They both have reverence for nature. That’s pretty much where the similarities end.

    (((Nighttree))) Don’t worry about it. I see you got a thumbs down, too. I couldn’t believe that since your answer is excellent, as always. I figured we both got it from the same person (one of those trolls who tds everyone). lol!

  2. Most Druids are Pantheists, and have just as broad a focus.

    OK, I’m going to amend my statement.

    There are two distinct forms that are referred to as Druidism.

    Revivalist Druidism, which is based off of the 18th century Druidic revival (heavily influenced by Masonry, Rosicrucian, Wicca and other factors).

    Re-constructionist Druidry (or just Celtic reconstruction) which is based off of anthropological information of what our Celtic ancestors believed.

    Re-constructionist Druidry is heavily Pantheism based.

    @ Gypsy: My apologies, I “thumbs down” without taking into account that many people are not as familiar with CR perspective and are more accustomed to “revivalist Druidry”.
    You have always proven to be well versed in your information, and I apologize for the “knee jerk” reaction.

  3. pantheism encompasses an extremely wide range of beliefs, druidry is a specific religion. it’s not entirely clear that druids were pantheists. the celtic gods have extremely strong connections to nature, but not enough lore survives for us to know whether druids identified these gods as aspects of nature or as masters existing outside of it. like most indo-european religions, it has very strong pantheistic themes.

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