3 thoughts on “In Vedic astrology rising sign is most important, but I find that to be not true at all. Why do they say that?

  1. You find it not to be true because astrology is a pseudoscience with absolutely no empirical evidence to back up it’s countless outrageous claims.

  2. I thought the moon was most important in Vedic? lol

    i was just reading a book of the tropical astrology variety that was saying that the sun sign is your exterior and the rising is your true self. i don’t understand where people get this concept!

  3. As long as you keep holding on to the idea that astrology is about “signs” you are going to be hit or miss regardless of what system of signs you use.

    The rising sign is the most important sign in any real system of astrology – not because that “sign” is supposed to make a blanket description of you that “matches really well”, but because that sign is the anchor point of the rest of the chart, around which the rest of the houses arrange themselves – and therefore the basis on which interpretation of the chart can proceed.

    [do you keep asking this question and then deleting it?]

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