Ram Dass “Soulness”

www.eomega.org Ram Dass Explains a possible afterlife expereince of choosing our next incarnation. He refers to his own awakening to the reality of ‘soul.’ Ram Dass will broadcast live to The Omega Institute from his home on Maui during the annual Ram Dass Retreat at Omega: www.eomega.org Ram Dass soul reincarnation ego beings of light spirit afterlife heaven death Maharajji Shri Neem Karoli Baba Omega ritual Omega Institute www.eomega.org

25 thoughts on “Ram Dass “Soulness”

  1. everytime i look into his eyes he shows me happiness i cant even contemplate. This guy is at peace with himself.

  2. Ram Dass was not as lucid and interesting as a speaker in his older-age, and after the stroke but as if the depth of wisdom shines through so much more. It’s as if the personality, whilst entertaining, was a barrier to this depth.

  3. After a stroke as severe as he suffered, I’m amazed at how he can still communicate so clearly. He does that through patience, incredible discipline. What a fantastic man.

  4. wow, that is deep. It didn’t catch me at the beginning but at the end I was like “whoa”

  5. Ram Dass I love you. You are a beautiful soul. I am so grateful that you are a part of my life.

  6. Maybe, but I think that surely it will be an awakening for the being withing the womb of this universe, and then the universe will crack and out we will go to another possibility of existence. I don’t believe in life as a light in between two eternities of darkness , go tell someone else how hard-boiled you are, thats just a game you play.

  7. no one’s gonna tell me how to enjoy death. 16 virgins and rock n roll circus for eternity.

  8. why is everything so dire & miserable. when i get to soulland, there’s gonna be a party and you better be ready to get down and kick some ass.

  9. don’t pity me i know what’s ahead. soulland. see you there for a big ass whoopin.

  10. he speaks so much fantasy because he is the head of an institution under pressure to make money and save its ass.

  11. he talks alot of crap. the dude is bad news. obviously people have had bad relationships or great loss with their parents are attracted to him. i find that he doesn’t offer anything more than a pipedream, a dream that anyone can create without his assistance. and this is true, because his teaching is that your consciousness of your life is an illusion. you don’t exist so get high, give him your money and whatever else.same of cult trip disassociate the victim from themselves so they are drones.

  12. i believe joe pesci then continues to beat the living shit out of frank vincent…….ouch….

  13. Because you are an intellectual ‘light weight’ who loves to hijack, more intelligent peoples, discovery or insight,
    you probably hate all who see you
    as a ‘poser’.

    You don’t have an orginal idea in your
    head, just listen to your latest guru,
    or ‘leader’. You sir, are an ass, no I’m
    sorry, not an ass, a ‘f***in ass’.

    “Now go home and get your f***in’ shine

  14. your little comment was so dumb, i dont even know where to start. were not talking about baseball player’s names. Yogi Berra wanted ‘yogi’ as a nickname. he didnt claim to BE a yogi. you are way out of your element. go somewhere else.

    and i have worked for years to become a simple man. so thanks.

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