Tincture Making

How i make a valerian root tinctures I am sorry about this video i was so tired but i got all the information through so once again it is 10g of Valerian root 1/2 cup of vodka leave for two weeks and shake each day

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  1. @newbiewitch thank you for the information am realy new to all this ! can you plz tell me a lil more like where to get the herb and how to use and stuff like that? thank you!

  2. @Eduardo151515 It highly depends on which herbs you use. Valerian Root is great to help get to sleep, rosemary is good for colds, st. johns wort for anxiety and depression. each have their own areas they help with.

  3. @Eduardo151515 Tincture making when alcohol is used to extract the medicinal properties of herbs and plants and can then be ingested or used on the external body (depending on what plant) to help relieve medical problems. The herb/plant is left in the alcohol for a period of time and the alcohol breaks down the properties. Hope that helped.
    Blessed Be

  4. @envyisasin i do half the jar or whatever i am using with the dried rosemary and then fill the jar with vodka. if using fresh herbs fill the jar with the herbs and then pour vodka on top

  5. @envyisasin Dont mind the questions at all i just dont want anything bad to happen. i hope it all works out for you

  6. Thank you so much! I don’t want to be a pain and keep asking lol i will try it I feel better that it is green hahahaha and not brown so yeah I will and thanks

  7. @envyisasin It could just be the rosemary that you are using that is making it turn olive green. If you r comfortable too try a small drop of it whens its done. But please remember i am not a medical doctor so if there are any reactions to it go see them. Personally my rosemary comes out yellow so there are some differences in colours that it comes out as but browns tend not to be a good sign like ur past one

  8. Hi there I redid the Rosemary tinc and it will be done soon but is like an olive green! Is that ok? This is the only that’s not working out for me and I don’t understand why! And in tiptoechicks video hers is bright green I don’t get it

  9. @envyisasin try it again if your using vodka make sure its out of sunlight

  10. Um what would you recommend as far as the rosemary tinc? I will be happy if its yellow at this point hahahaha! I will poor out the brown one, and I may have had touch Rosemary.

  11. yer i am not supposed to have vodka cause i am underage but i didn’t find the water tinctures work as well for me but use what you can get

  12. there is an occult store in melbourne where my mother lives ad they have a really good range

  13. hay where did u get ur herbs ? ineed alot my bos has alot of odd herbs like mandrake and high john the concorr root please tell 🙂

  14. can’t watch it sry too creepy for my likings and there’s a constant buzzling noise.

  15. yer i am waiting for the valerian tincture to be done to help me sleep at night. but thanks for the comment

  16. Heh…. I must say… you’re the first I’ve seen to make an instructional video while sleepy. I usually just write my ideas down and do them when I’m awake… otherwise I’ll sound worse than a drunken blabbering idiot… Great video none the less though.

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