25 thoughts on “033 – Herbs – Part 1 – The Basics

  1. Hi, I have a couple of questions. First off, is drying flowers the same as drying herbs? Also, would hanging the herbs in my closet attract bugs? I remember leaving bay leaves in my room once after a class project and I had a bunch of ants in my room a week afterwards…

  2. How do you keep your cats out of plants and herbs? I’d love to have a small indoor garden but my cats eat every living thing (plant-wise, that is lol) that I bring into the apartment.

  3. I love to learn about herbs , where did you get the hawthorn at? what would you use it for?

  4. haha, watching this gave me a flashback!! yeah, to warmer weather!!! oh gosh…such spring fever i’m having!! 🙂 the birdsong is so nice to hear…

  5. In several of your videos, there seems to be an awesome aura of light around you. I love your videos.

  6. @jaynswiss

    It was between 1:52 and 1:55 mins. I can hear it too. It sounds like someone chanting in the wind or something. That was too cool.

  7. Harvesting in the Morning is best for the most potent time of the oils in the plants. Of course you might want different energies and so you can harvest when ever but for Medicine Morning is best after the plants are dry from morning dew. Google on Best time to Harvest ___ and you will get good results also maybe a book on Harvesting herbs. That’s what I got for you all. BB

  8. Hey CPF I love your videos! I am a new Wicca and am deffinitly soaking up all your knowledge. Im still very confused on how to use herbs that you purchase. I cant grow my own and I dont know how to buy the right kind, where to buy them, or what to do with them. I am reading contradictory information 🙁 Also is there a way to burn them (maining the crushed ones) Please help! Thank!

  9. i just started growing this year i’m still not sure what to grow but i started with marjoram thyme sage and lavender but the lavender’s not doing too well :[ i started them all from seeds

  10. Wow, your cats must be constantly on another planet, with all that catnip you been feeding them. =^_^=

  11. love herbal vids. sorry i have been watching all your vids, i havnt been leaving comments on everything cuz i love to have your vids going in the background and listen whilst i do other things. and i agree on the herbs for magic lasting forever

  12. If you have a Lowes, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Farmers Market, or Local Grocery store near by, you can ask them if they offer live herbs. Its usually a seasonal plant, only offered in the summer – fall

  13. Only harvest a small amount at a time. Some plants don’t mind getting harvested on a lot, some it really hurts them. My Rosemary plants both have different personalities. One, I can harvest away at, the other is very tempermental.

  14. I feel like my herbs do better in the ground than in pots. seem to grow tremendously in the ground. what are we ganna do with you? u are amazing. its so cool that your kids are learning such cool things from you…and so are we:) I love that shirt. I use to say I use to have wonder woman hair. U R wonder woman! Did u figure out that im also on the account called ‘thepeacefulpath”? Thank u for sharing your wonderful knowledge and fun with us!

  15. I’m getting ready to harvest from a potted lemon balm plant that I’ve had for a few months. It has grown four tall (about a foot) stalks, and about five small stalks (from 4-8 inches). How much can I harvest without killing the plant (and I really love this plant)?

  16. thank you for sharing I have had a couple of people recommend your videos to me and I am really glad they did. they are great Brightest Blessings to you

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