Muslims, what are the merits of monotheism over polytheism or pantheism?

Polytheism: the worship of multiple gods

Pantheism: the recognition of the universe (including humanity) as the “higher power” or as divine.

I ask because strict monotheism seems to be the chief feature of your religion, so you would be qualified to tell me why it is the best, or at least better than the other two options I listed.

3 thoughts on “Muslims, what are the merits of monotheism over polytheism or pantheism?

  1. I spose the merits would depend on the person. Since embracing Islam I have felt a great sense of peace in myself, a better understanding of the world and how it works and through that a better grasp of compassion and empathy for people around me.
    Since gaining the connection I feel to Allah, I am happier and I spend every day feeling loved. I cant look at another person and think anything bad anymore.
    Thats just me. I practiced all the above options and I have never felt happier than I do knowing Allah.


  2. there is one God.the creator.and the Creator can not be created, the chain has to end somewhere and it ends at God the creator .everything is created.things cant just be popped and bhammm!its made,there is a process..
    ok?u might ask how is God created we as muslims belive Allah is our creator and accept that because we have the belief and faith in our hearts…we belive in the unseen and Allah loves this and on the day of Judgement only them who have the believe in Allah would go to paradise and there we would meet ALLAH and ask him anything we like,there we will be able to SEE him…it will be our reward for having faith in him.

    BTW as were talking abt monotheism about the concept of One God…….Allah hates(worst sin) to be partnered with anyother diety…or anything or anyone being worshipped other than him…this is called shirk in islam….so f u do the oppositeand only worship ONE(Allah) through your life time Allah will be very happy and that will stronger your chances in entering paradise.
    the true merit of monotheism (providing that you are worshipping ALLAH(god)) is that you are following the truth.your on the right path… 🙂

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