Organic Herb Gardening Tips : Medicinal Uses For Fresh Oregano

Medicinal uses for fresh oregano are numerous, get expert tips and advice on organic herb gardening in this free video. Expert: Gale Gassiot Bio: Gale Gassiot makes her own organic compost or “gardener’s black gold.”

14 thoughts on “Organic Herb Gardening Tips : Medicinal Uses For Fresh Oregano

  1. Sage is great too. I use it for everything, cuts, fungal infections, and bacterial infections. It has over fifteen chemicals in it with proven anti-fungal, antibiotic, astringent, and antispasmodic effects. Now i’m just a novice, but as a warning I have to mention that people who are pregnant should take herbs cautiously. They may effect your child in unforeseen ways.

  2. One plant closely related to garden oregano is Dittany of Crete. That one was used in ritual settings to induce trances. Another herb, thyme, has an essential oil called thymol. Thymol is believed by some to have sedative effects on the human nervous system. Thymol is also an effective fungicide and an antibacterial agent.

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