Ram Dass “God’s Perception”

www.eomega.org Shot on location at his current home in Maui in 2005. Ram Das engages you into a moment regarding your choice and arrangement of your birth and death. And outlays an understanding towards the embodiment of awareness. Ram Dass will broadcast live to The Omega Institute from his home on Maui during the annual Ram Dass Retreat at Omega: www.eomega.org Ram Dass Omega RamDas RamDass Awareness soul choice responsibility onenness unity consciousness presence death birth life god God eternity one reincarnation perception eternal. Omega Institute www.eomega.org

25 thoughts on “Ram Dass “God’s Perception”

  1. @archados Conclusions and interpretations of what he says can be founded on many things, such as reference to the psychotropics you mentioned. I would refer you to the picture behind him. It is a photograph of a “man” referred to as “Neem Karoli Baba”, from whom Richard Alpert received the name “Ram Das”. Some good references about Him can be found in the writings of “Krishna Das”. Before making a determined conclusion on Ram Das, look into his Guru, please.

  2. @chafe11
    He suffered a stroke, so his communication abilities and access to memory were effected.
    Listen to his earlier speeches and his profound and compassionate message
    is like a razor, slicing through reality.

  3. I often think that English speakers really have no business talking about the ‘ego’. I don’t “have” an ego, I am an ego, or a yo, an io, a je, an ich, an “I”. Now, I think “ego” in modern usage comes to imply a “false” ego. There is writing in psychological literature about the true self and the false self/persona constructed for defense. Now, what RD means perhaps with his three layers is just layers of falseness, and within is the authentic self..whether eternal or not

  4. I don’t know if he is speaking the truth or otherwise. I feel odd listening to him, and question whether this is coming from the heart or just some knowledge.

  5. BHAG.As It Is UNREVISED chapt 2 text 20 KRSNA says “For the soul there is never birth or death. Nor,having once been, does He Ever CEASE to be. He is unborn, eternal, ever existing, undying and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain”.

  6. @ashwel1 Once you realize you know nothing you begin to understand everything

  7. @bevandsuits I understand that. My grandfather has suffered three strokes and still retains logical thought and memory. My question revolves around the reality of what he’s saying. Are his perceptions of the universe and God inspired by psychoactive hallucination or did he logically deduct his ideas and test them? I know I have had similar concepts under the influence of marijuana and cant help but think that my psychoactive fantasy however detailed and logical in MY mind… is just that. 🙁

  8. @archados

    You should watch videos of Ram Dass before he had a stroke. After hundreds of trips over many years, he had no apparent loss of faculties.

  9. @cspan0004 when I wrote that, the video wasn’t featured… but good to know it’s moving up in the world. I guess “blow job” girl has some kind of connection with the universe… hmmm… 😉

  10. To those who said I said something negative about using LSD, please re-read my statement/question. I have nothing against LSD. If you have enough intellect to understand what I said, I would enjoy your response.

  11. he didnt just make all this stuff up he had a guru who he asked many questions to so lsd isnt the source of all of his ideas and views

  12. thank you for accepting my question as it is. Part of understanding something is to question and examine it.

  13. well, forgive someone for enjoying something little in the life that we are given. There are things to enjoy on this planet, insulting people really shows how evolved your sense of the world is. Thanks for the memories!

  14. it’s amazing how one of the related videos is “blow job girl”

    life is incredible!

  15. If you do not believe ..then why do you watch. why put negative post up that express your ego or are you afraid to open your mind. I have searched my innerself on my own without help or knowledge of others until i was about 23 years old. (That was my choice because of contamination and now am searching for connection to what i know) and i understand what is being spoken. I did not know of Ram Dass until today and its comforting to know that my thoughts are much of the same. Time to wake up !

  16. Im not being hostile or trying to offend, but do you believe that this man’s “perception” may have been tainted by LSD to the point that he has lost sight the boundary between what is logical and concrete, and what is psychoactive fantasy? Do you at least believe in the POSSIBILITY of that being true?

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