13 thoughts on “What is your opinion on the whole belief system of Pantheism ?

  1. Do they have a belief system?

    I thought it was just “oh my, the universe is so big and wonderful, let’s call it God”.

  2. It’s inherently self-contradictory. It attempts to hold all life as sacred, while at the same time attempting to adhere to the notion that even dead people are a part of “god”, and in so doing, devalue life.

    Pantheism is the religion for people who want to feel spiritual but not obligated to any set of right or wrong behavior.

  3. I’m an Atheist/Pantheist. My opinion on it? An pantheist god is far more likely to exist than any other sky sorcerors.

  4. Their is only One True Faith: Catholicism. Some other religions contain more truths than others, but only Catholicism has the Fullness of Truth.

  5. Some people just love mysticism, or being spiritual. I find I like being in awe of the universe/nature itself. I believe that it is amazing, how it works is amazing, and all the questions I have about it that will never be answered are somehow inspiring.

    You could say that humans are naturally superstitious creatures and just like to add a dash of supernatural to everything. I admit I do. Can’t help it sometimes.

  6. replace all beliefs with kNOW

    super-natural is natural of natural first/spiritual after;
    which is to say carnal, double-minded, highminded

  7. What is your opinion on the whole belief system of Pantheism?
    Go for it.

    If I were to be any *group* believing in a god, I suppose it could be this one.

  8. It is new-age deism.

    They both view “god” as not intelligent, but more a force of the universe. Deists tend to view god as the absentee creator, who put things into motion, imbuing them with the laws of nature and perhaps some design and purpose. Pantheism is more the view that god is everywhere, in nature, in our emotions (love being principle), and in ourselves. Neither deism or pantheism view prayer are important, but they both believe ‘god’ is real.

    Atheism is the non-belief in god, and usually the rejection of the supernatural in general. This is contrary to pantheism, which emphasized spirituality.

  9. Theism, whether pan, uni, tri or any other n umber, is a fairy tale. Lack of theism isn’t theism of any stripe.

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