what would be a good herbal remedy for stress relief or aleviating mild anxiety?

I get a bit anxious in my work sometimes and would like to know what herbal remedies can help me keep calm. I dont blow up or let off steam but sometimes I find myself rushing to the toilet or sweating a lot. My stomach gets tense and I cant concentrate on simple tasks.
there are some issues that trouble me but they have nothing to do with work and are health related

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  1. Forget the herbal remedies. Although some find them efficacious, I have not. If you are dead set on trying them, below is a helpful link.
    Please DO, however, find someone with whom you feel comfortable talking. There is something bothering you – and your little bit of anxiety can morph into bigger problems if you keep things bottled inside. I should know.

  2. Valerian Root capsules; 1 before meals; 3 x day

    Calcium is a natural tranquilizer

    The B Vitamins are stress relievers;

    Hot Tea of any type will help reduce stress;

    Hot baths at night with Epsom’s salts excellent!

  3. My favorite is oats. I buy oat straw (it’s just cheaper than the oats themselves) steep 1 oz of oats in a mason jar for a minimum of 4 hours (I leave mine over night) strain off the oats then keep the jar in your fridge or fridge a work, when you are feeling anxious drink some. It will mellow you out and you won’t care in a short period of time. It’s amazing stuff! I have given some to a friend who uses it all the time she has anxiety so bad that she is unable to leave her house at times and she says she swears by it. Good luck. I hope things get easier for you!

  4. Drink lots of water! Water has amazing anti-stress qualities and a post-yoga drink will rejuvenate hard-working muscles (including the brain). After sweating and focusing a lot of mental and physical energy on your practice, your body will need rejuvenation. Re-hydrate with room temperature or warm water so not to shock your system. Tepid green tea can also refresh while providing an extra-cleansing dose of anti-oxidants.

  5. Vitamin D is good for stress. It helps people who have seasonal affective disorder and don’t get enough sun in the winter time. My pharmacist who is very knowledgeable suggests at least 2,000 i.u. a day.

    Valerian root is also good as well as chamomile tea. There are herbal teas you can get from the health food store specifically to help you relax and sleep. Meditation is a great way to relieve stress and you can get meditation C.D’s to help you.

    Sometimes when I am stressed at work, I will go into the bathroom and do mini meditations by closing my eyes, taking in a deep breath and just focusing on my breathing for a minute or two. It helps to reduce the stress. You can even visualize yourself at a beach while doing this as your subconscious mind doesn’t know whats real or not, and it’s what controls your body functions.

    Depending on your issues, talking to a professional counselor may help and it will be confidential. Years ago when a family member was terminally ill and I was overly emotional about it, I saw a counselor and it was helpful. A friend of mine’s sister committed suicide which affected her emotional state and she sought counseling and it helped her.

    I hope this is helpful,

    Good Luck,


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