American Transcendentalism (II)

Featuring discussions of Ralph Waldo Emerson; “The American Scholar” and “Self-Reliance,” and “Experience”; John Locke’s view of property; and possessive individualism.

4 thoughts on “American Transcendentalism (II)

  1. very good instructor. he is able to bring out various stages of inquiry without seeming bias. i would take this course

  2. I don’t want to be the spelling guy again, but the subtitles spelled Marx as Marks…that’s a bad one.

  3. Hello
    i am sorry to say that the prof, seems to have very shallow understanding of transcendentalism. he talks about transcendentalism without even caring to define it. is it because he is too young to internalize such a concept and get around it? He keeps smiling.. i dont know why? american universities should post more profounder illustrations of transcenddentalism.

    Yu beetter go back to India…

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