Astrology and myths: why do so many read and believe in it?

Is it due to a fallacy of belief that humans move in predictable manners like the planets in space? Was astrology and personality typing of this archaic type a way to box people in?

What is your understanding of astrology and fallacies of this kind? I would prefer anti-astrology people to answer this in a greater number than those pro-astrology since I am seeking a reasonable counterargument as this stuff is new to me.

4 thoughts on “Astrology and myths: why do so many read and believe in it?

  1. people read and believe myths and astrology for many reasons.
    ~one is that at a certain in your life you will need some thing to argue with other people about like: people believe that if a woman has sex with an animal the result would be a combonation of human and that animal.

  2. The reason is simple.

    Human mind is prone to drifting towards mysteries. The mind creates a sense that he/she might be able to solve it.

  3. astrology as an ancient science has always been kind of interesting to me. i am not anti nor pro — what i can tell you is in behavioral psychology it can as is often argued that the first moments of your life determine a lot in the development of your personality. this would change with seasons and geography and even the specific buildings you are in. imagine being a baby who first experiences winter as opposed to a baby that goes through spring and summer warmth before winter comes. spring babies in astrology are the most optimistic (aries, taurus, gemini). winter babies are have other merits. of course this is just a small part of a bigger picture. parents and family usually have the most impact on how messed up a child is. feel free to blame your parents for just about everything and not so much the stars.

  4. I think it is purely because we see people around us believe in so firmly that a part of us really slightly end up believing in it.

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