Is HorseTail Tincture the same as HorseTail Tea?

Does it have the same healthy benefits? How many drops of tincture would equate a cup of tea?

3 thoughts on “Is HorseTail Tincture the same as HorseTail Tea?

  1. Anything that is a Tincture is for applying externally, and a Tea is for taking internally. For example Iodine is a Tincture.

  2. Actually, a tincture is an alcoholic extract of an herb (it COULD be used externally, but can also be used internally). Horsetail tea would basically be horsetail herb steeped in water, so it’s more diluted than a capsule of the herb…. but that’s the point when you’re drinking it. 😉

  3. The tincture will have the same effects of the tea only stronger. Depending who made the tincture, About three drops of it will equal one cup of tea. Be careful of the rapid heart rate common with this herb.

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