Tea that says made with medicinal grade herbs.?

I have some tea that I bought that says made with Medicinal Grade Passionflower and Hops. What does it mean by Medicinal Grade? Also what type of tea do you find is relaxing, have read on valerian, green, chammomile etc, any suggestions are good, as if helps relex so a good nights sleep is a bonus. Thanks

3 thoughts on “Tea that says made with medicinal grade herbs.?

  1. Medicinal grade is simply a “higher grade” or so called higher grade of the crude herb. I don’t believe in medicinal or pharmaceutical grade products as being that much better, especially if it affects the price. In addition to what you had mentioned you could also read up on Kava Kava as a natural “relaxer.” The amino acid GABA also has relaxing properties, hope this info helps.

  2. yes, i have one it helps me to sleep it’s called jasmine tea.It has a calming affect which allows you to fall asleep naturally and awaken without any side affects as over the counter sleeping pills do.

  3. probly the stongest tea that could heal u
    is Essiac tea but it tastes horrible
    chammomile is the most calming for me
    naturally green tea has caffeine so i drink it
    in the mornings instead of coffee.
    coffee is bad for u my friend drank it everyday and broke out with a rash from caffeine overdose

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