Why did God fired those angels and hired Jesus do the works?

The reason why I asked because: … (Hebrews 2:7) You made him a little lower than angels; with glory and honor you crowned him, and appointed him over the works of your hands.

Why did God pick Jesus instead of those angels?

@ Dr. Eric vonAnderseck: I am not confusing and those people who found the truth must be whole lot smarter than you are.

11 thoughts on “Why did God fired those angels and hired Jesus do the works?

  1. It was cheaper to hire one Mexican than to hire a bunch of angels. Typical big business bean counting.

  2. Hey, it’s not as bad as Shintoism. I could run that religion with less than half of its current spiritual workforce.

  3. If you are a Jehovah Witness that would be confusing to you. For Christ in the form of God was not less than Himself or He would be robbing the Godhead of His divinity which is iniquity.
    For all created beings are less than God but Christ being God was equal to Himself in the Bosom’s Light showing Himself as God. For Jesus Christ is the Will of God and the Oath of all creation. See Phil 2:6.

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  4. Angels and God, could not understand the human condition having never been one themselves. True man was created in “GODS IMAGE” but I don’t think until God had his only Son born as a fallible person was he able to fully understand why Men made so many mistakes. God also realized mankind was incapable of perfection and needed a symbol of his love & forgiveness in order to allow mankind access to his kingdom.

  5. Jesus, in his spirit form as God’s Son, had been with his Father for perhaps billions of years. He was God’s first creation. So they were especially close as Father and Son. God knew that his Son would never do anything to hurt his Father, never disobey him, but always do his Father’s will.

    So rather than pick another angel, he sent his very best to earth, to be born and live as a human, and then give his human life as a ransom for all believing humankind. God didn’t have to fire any angels to do this. In fact, the Bible mentions that God sent angels to Jesus to strengthen him for the work he had to do. Jesus himself spoke of the angels in heaven. (Mark 1:13; Matthew 22:30; 28:2)

  6. Jesus was the first of Gods creations , in fact the only creation God made by himself so Jesus was the obvious choice.

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