Caroline Myss, Energetics of Healing Vol1 1of 10

You have heard Dr. Caroline Myss share her revelations about the human body’senergy anatomy. You have read her stunning insights into why some people heal and others don’t. Now, on The Energetics of Healing, you can see Dr. Myss present her groundbreaking views on the human energy system and the unseen obstacles to total wellness. Join bestselling author and health authority Dr. Caroline Myss for a fascinating guided tour of this hidden dimension of the human body. Using computer graphics created especially for this program, Dr. Myss pulls back the curtain on the body’s physical anatomy to reveal its energy anatomy. She guides you through all seven chakra centers and correlates them with daily practices for learning the physical language of the spirit – and the spiritual language of the body. The Energetics of Healing offers a bold new vision of the human body and the unseen obstacles to healing.

12 thoughts on “Caroline Myss, Energetics of Healing Vol1 1of 10

  1. Wow this is something I’ve always felt could exist, but feared the unknown -now the more I get out of the way, the more I can receive thus give+ I thank god for deep souls like Carolyn n my sweet suze+

  2. She is doing her thing and it is awesome. We should all be so lucky as to find our true path…

  3. her presentation is very direct….and not to everyone’s liking. she has great info….could be a bit more mellow talking about it

  4. I cannot understand why this woman’s you tube videos are not viewed more. She is anything but abusive, she is direct, concise, and forthright serving humanity by imparting information that one NEEDS TO BE READY to hear. If you really think she is abusive maybe there is a message in there for you. I’ve listened to her volume 1 and 2 of Energetics of Healing – This is information that will heal your life. . . if you are ready.

  5. cutting to the chase is not abusive. she sets a good example for how we need to take care of ourselves. she’s a good spiritual coach and teacher.

  6. I grasp the sentiment and might even agree but the term abusive is very overused these days. Everybody wants to be a victim: Try the following words if you will: vulgar, offensive, disparaging, belittling, derogatory, opprobrious, disrespectful, denigratory, uncomplimentary, censorious, pejorative, vituperative; defamatory, slanderous, libelous, scurrilous, blasphemous; informal bitchy; archaic contumelious.

  7. Sometimes the rest of us need wiser people to make us sit up and listen so maybe that’s why this wise lady takes the approach that she does.

  8. I agree.

    She has a “New York attitude”, no-nonsense style of speaking and she does state her point somewhat harshly at times.

    I may not agree with HOW she says what she says or ALL that she says, but I still want to receive the wisdom and knowledge she is imparting.

  9. This woman is abusive. Listen to how she speaks to her audience. It’s all press-your-point-by-pulverizing. Why doesn’t anyone ever flag this obvious flaw in her approach? To me, she’s nothing more than the Abusive Nun of the New Age Movement (which she denies being a part of, though every cryptic thing she says fits squarely into it).

  10. This woman is amazing, I have read of her and at lest once of her books, and I think national public radio with roy in So. Cal…

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