14 thoughts on “Is religiosity the highest expression of spirituality?

  1. No.

    Because people think they have to “earn” God’s favor. That is impossible due to our flawed sinful nature.

    God grants us unmerited favor through His son Jesus Christ to those who turn from sin and trust in Him alone.

  2. No.

    And I can’t tell you the highest expression of spirituality either…

    It all depends on what you believe.

  3. These are different things. Religion is philosophy from a particular point of view that includes some axioms, such as the existence of a creator. Theology is the study of religious questions. But spirituality is not a systematic study or does not do philosophy from certain axioms. Spirituality is simply the general acknowledgment that there is more to life than meets the eye, it is recognizing that human life is not ‘exact’ (as in ‘exact sciences’). Religion includes the notion of spirituality, but does something more profound in the realm of origins. Religion, especially monotheism (which includes most religious people) starts from thinking about origins. That is why ‘God’ and ‘Big Bang’ are often considered competing models (which is not true by the way – this is a fallacy because science is not religion and vice versa).

  4. Even the Bible says we are no longer under the Law, when faith is NOW our way. That would include religions and standards etc.

  5. i don’t like the word religion. one can smoke cigarettes religiously. many churches do not teach what the Bible says. instead, they chant some rote phrases and call that worship. it’s weird to someone who has the Spirit, but there are many thousands of these kinds of churches leading people astray. i was raised in one. i probably still would not know the Lord had i not picked up the Bible and read it.

  6. No, religiousness is a necessary phase of spirituality on both individual and collective level. To be religious on individual level is to receive Love. Once you start giving Love, the religious phase has transcended into God-I Am/I Become. Thus, the highest expression of spirituality would be “I Am-Everything Existing”.

    “Most people” is a dellusional character or spirituality. Quantity does not equal quality.

  7. Many people are not aware of the definition of both words and often confuse the two out of ignorance. If religiosity is the highest expression of spirituality, then we are in a lot of trouble.

  8. Absolutely not. I think it takes some sort of spiritual depth to understand and realize that “religion” and “spirituality” are two different things. Some people go to church all their lives and never understand this.

    I think it is mostly the non-believers or the spiritually shallow that don’t grasp the difference. You have to commit to studying and growing to get to a point where you understand.

  9. I don’t know about it being the highest but it certainly puts limits on spirituality.

  10. the variety of religion you see in the world today? no.
    the true meaning of religion? yes.

    the variety of religions you see today are usually sectarian. meaning you must quit one to join another. i am no longer a Christian, i am a Muslim or so on. that is not true religion.

    true religion is the eternal loving relationship of a spark of God (spirit soul) with the supreme soul (God). this relationship will never change. you can not quit one to join another. it will be ridiculous.

    when a person realizes that “i am a spirit soul within my body, like hands within gloves” he/she will be considered spiritual. this is the first step for every one. there are two groups of spiritualists. personalists and impersonalists. just like if you see a train coming from front you may see it is just a light but if you stand above a hill you may see the train behind the light. God does have such a light but that is not all that there is to Him.

    impersonalists regard God as an energy, everything or nothing, but in anyway without a form or personality. there are many so called religions that are nothing but impersonalists. and therefore not true religions at all. true religion starts when you consider God to have a form and a loving personality. love takes two and they are both happy in the relationship. i am Godists are one not two. first is to realize you are a spirit soul part of supreme, second is to realize that you are the controlled part of the supreme and not the controller. that is your function as a spirit soul. happily serving God. He (the person) making you and keeping you always happy. you (as a person) thinking of yourself as someone who always gets way too many presents at his birthday party so to speak 🙂 and therefore feels always in-debted to God. that is the ultimate realization, yes.

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