21 thoughts on “Success 1 of 10: Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra / Way of the Wizard

  1. Be cautious. The aspiration to success can ruin a general purpose – compassion. Intimate sympathy gives energy for an active life, instead of will to fortune.
    Bad karma will pursue such people and they can lose the place in the world of pure souls. ….And at the last minute, when Suprem moral law counts up ours egoistic or human acts and feelings (!!!! feeling are more important than acts) – little sympathy to another’s pain -may not suffice for the further incarnations on our planet.

  2. @evakent3 But no one believes it came out of nothing. Energy and forces had to exist.

    But it seems more likely that the universe evolved, instead of there always just magically was a super being. Which is more rational ?
    Notice how all religious books never state about something specifically in the future, so you can verify it, like small mobile devices will allow communication instantly across the world, it’s always vague moral stuff that everyone knows anyway. Theism is worthless.

  3. @MrA9H9 The thing is: what is more delusional? Believe in the existence of a Supreme Being that gave the ‘push’ to evolution or that our universe came out of NOTHING? Surely believing that EVERYTHING came out of NOTHING is like believing in miracles too!!!

  4. @MrA9H9
    Very true, I think “Dawkins” is just a very childish person who is making a living out of acting childish. He makes some good “common sense to anybody with a brain” statements about “dogma.” But that doesn’t make him a good person, I hope he does something worthwhile as a scientist or whatever the heck he is.

  5. @MrA9H9 I strongly agree. :). It’s almost as if atheism is becoming a religion of its own. :S

  6. thank you!!
    thank you!!
    thank you!!
    thank you!!
    for uploading the entire video!!!

  7. While I support Dawkins in that “god”, as the three major religions interpret and promote through their dogmas….i find it sad that he seems to miss the fact that science can be just as dogmatic and rigid as many religious believers. Just because you can’t see, taste, smell, touch, or perform the scientific method on something…doesnt mean it does or doesnt exist.

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