22 thoughts on “Zen Buddhism: Shunryu Suzuki Roshi – Part 2

  1. @Pr0insias thank you for posting these videos for us to learn from. I apologize if my comment was maybe harsh sounding

  2. zen is already life. just as it is. the more you TALK about it, the farther away from zen you fin d yourself

  3. It’s wonderful to see and hear Suzuki Roshi, all those many years ago right here, now! Thank you for putting these recordings together so well.

  4. Zen is about understanding yourself. If you understand yourself, you will see that ego is only illusion, and every goal is your karma, even when you practice Zen to be in “here and now” – this is your karma – you should recognize it. Shunryu Suzuki says, if you try to attain any goal by practicing Zen, your practice will be difficult and you will eventually feel very discouraged

    If you will understand yourself your life will change forever and you will understand why it is important to do zazen

  5. I want to see Tasajara badly. Someone from my old Sangha left to become a priest there.

  6. Thanks for posting. It would be nice to hear what he had to say about desires in the end though.

  7. Hi ¿Which year is there?. it seems to be the 70’s or 80s.

    Thanks for sharing

  8. I like the way he coughs without looking like he’s coughing. It must be an Arahant thing.

  9. I think his expression was sincere, just inarticulate in comparison to Suzuki et al.

  10. Thank you! Wonderful to see a few new clips from Suzuki Roshi.

    That other speaker didn’t seem too wise for some reason btw.

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