Can anyone give me an idea if the religion Wicca acknowledges God in any kind of form or way?

I have to explain a theory on God, and what i cant seem to find at the library is much material that is on Wicca and i am trying to see how to see if it fits into my paper or if i need to find another topic to write on for school? Would appreciate any direction or help in this matter.

9 thoughts on “Can anyone give me an idea if the religion Wicca acknowledges God in any kind of form or way?

  1. The Wiccans I know reverence the Lord and Lady but don’t believe in the Abrahamic god.

  2. Wicca is polytheistic.

    If by using the capital G you mean the god of Abraham, shared by Judaism, Islam and Christianity, he is *not* one of our gods.

    I can think of *one* Wiccan book that discusses that level of theology in depth, and your library probably does not have it. You may be better off looking for a different topic.

    Edit: The gods have names, but not all Wiccans know them.

  3. Wiccans believe they can blend in with the natural and supernatural simultaneously. Good luck.

  4. If you’re talking about the Abrahamic god, Yahweh-no. Wiccans do not worship him. The god they do worship goes by many names-depending on whom you’re talking to. Most of them simply say ‘Lord and Lady’.

  5. For most Wiccans, Wicca is a duotheistic religion worshipping both a God and a Goddess, who are seen as complementary polarities (akin to the Taoist philosophy of yin and yang), and “embodiments of a life-force manifest in nature.”[5] The God is sometimes symbolised as the sun, and the Goddess as the moon.

  6. Stephanie,
    Wicca is a new name slapped over good old fashion paganism and witchcraft, complete with spells, observations of the full moon, and a ton of sexual deviant practices (orgies, teenage sex, bestiality). Blood scarifies are also a part, but not as commonly practiced today as they did in medieval Europe.

    On an academic note, you could also try paganism, neopaganism, occult, white magic, black magic, satanism and Mesopagan.

    Now it has seeped into mainstream thought in that its “You are 100% free to do your thing, whatever your thing is, just dont hurt anyone”.. or as THEY put it “Do what you like so long as you harm no one”, touble is now, that last part of `no harm` is a bit of an optional extra.

    On a spiritual front, God DOES mention it and He HATES it (Ex 22v18, Acts 8v18, Gal 5v19) and anyone who `dabbles` in it.. and that includes your tarot cards, horoscopes, ouija boards, Dungeonmaster games, fortune tellers (1Sam15v23, Rev 21v8, 22v15), so you are in some pretty dark territory here.

    To be honest, study the resurrection of Jesus Christ if you are on a religious education page or (as I can hope) some search for yourself. Trust me the wicca stuff is deadly and I’d hate to see you reeled in.

    Cheers & God bless.
    Brad M

  7. Wow – two whole Wiccans answered.

    Wiccan conceptions of Gods and Goddesses differ from the Abrahamic.

    Our gods are inherent in, and emanate from, the Universe itself. We do not believe in a singular, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, omnibenevolent being.

    We do not “worship Nature” as some have wrongly impugned – we respect and do not think we have the right to treat it casually.

    And I *love* the fact that one of the Christian answerers thinks that “Thou shalt not bear false witness” is an optional part of *his* religion.

    ‘An it harm none, do as you will is the Wiccan Rede and it is NOT optional.

  8. Quote “a ton of sexual deviant practices (orgies, teenage sex, bestiality)” Unquote.

    Now where was that when I was learning Wicca? Makes it sound a helluva lot more exciting than I remember it

    Seriously, where do people come up with this rot?

  9. Depends on what sort of Wiccan you are. There are Monotheistic Wiccans, Duotheistic Wiccans, and Polytheistic Wiccans. The 2nd option is most prevailant. A God and a Goddess. All Gods are 1 God (Horus and Thor are aspects of a great being named God) and All Goddesses represent the single Goddesss. (Bridget and Isis represent one being called Goddess) Polytheistic Wiccans believe each deity has it’s own individual personality and is unrelated to others. (In this way, Bridget is not Isis) However, monotheistic Wiccans believe that the names of all the Gods and Goddesses actually are just titles of a one true deity (Whether they call this deity God or Goddess is irrelevant) and are aspects of that God.

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