25 thoughts on “Enya – Only If

  1. @gaz52 she’s saying je voudrais voler comme un oiseau voler voler which mean I would like to fly like a bird fly fly and when she’s on the bench I think she says ouvrer moi ouvrer moi the direct traduction of the word would be open me open me but in a meaning of letting her enter like open the door to me

  2. @Gebrothru I don’t understand that bit either. I can hear the word oiseau, which is french for bird, so I guess it’s something to do with flying.

  3. what is the part in French I recognized Je Voundrais and that means i would like but i dont quite catch the rest its around 2:04

  4. She has the voice of an angel and a face to match. A true Irish fairy if ever there was one.

  5. @MonthsOfTheYearX
    You my freind are a good comedian with good taste. peace and love.

  6. I was in 3rd grade when i first heard music from her because my teacher always put her songs in class while we did tests or just plain work and i remember liking it so much. Since then it kept bugging me about who and what music was this and YAY! i found it 🙂 :)!! im 15 btw

  7. That is the first song by enya that I heard I was about ten then and I automatically fell in love in this song.

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