2 thoughts on “I take herbal tincture & experience brief breathing difficulty. Why is this so?

  1. Many of these ‘tinctures’ are prepared by amateurs in their kitchen. This means that not only are they NOT prepared under sterile conditions, it also means these amateurs possess no way of checking whether their raw materials are contaminated or not.

    Even so-called ‘professional’ companies are likely to be small outfits, again which do not have the resources to produce products safely:

    Large pharmaceutical companies use sophisticated analysis techniques to screen their products continuously for contamination, before and after production.

    If you’ve bought this tincture from the internet, or from a small local business that makes it themselves, then you’ve really no protection at all and it’s perfectly feasible that you’re being slowly poisoned:

    Throw this rubbish away before it’s too late!

  2. It would help if you identified what herbal tincture you are taking and where it came from. Some tinctures may have side effects and others may be improperly made.

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