Why is that some people dream a lot and some others don’t dream at all or don’t remember their dreams?

I always have dreams, and I can usually remember it or sometimes them.

Sometimes as my day progresses and I see something in reality which was in my dream..I remember parts of my dreams which I don’t even remember having.

Why is that so?

Whereas, my sister says she doesn’t have dreams at all. Or at least, doesn’t remember them.

6 thoughts on “Why is that some people dream a lot and some others don’t dream at all or don’t remember their dreams?

  1. I am not a psychologist or anything, but I would believe that if you are stressed, or have alot on your mind, then your brain is thinking other things rather than revisiting what you subconscious dreamed up in the middle of the night.

    But if you are at ease in your mind, then you have the time and relaxation to think back and remember.

  2. I dream a lot.. every night and all night (i think) well i think it’s only during REM sleep anyway but DREAMS ARE FUN.

    Dreaming gives you the key to imagination.

  3. Everyone dreams: in the R.E.M. part of the sleep cycle: Just some like your sister: may sleep so deeply she cannot remember it. I personally believe the only reason humans sleep is to have dreams, among reasons to give our nervous system a break shut off neural activity, but we do all this so we can rest our bodies and have a dream. Because if resting our bodies were the reason we sleep then we can rest sitting down or even laying down when we are awake right? If that is true then I have concluded that our imagination, brain, soul, needs to dream and on a very basic level is probably a survival skill. I am curious to know what kind of dreams people have who have low sleep requirements; and how they experience the sleep cycle. I know I am way off subject now, but you bring up a very interesting discussion on dreams and why exactly some do not appear to dream, I think they dream, just they sleep so deeply or cannot recall the dream as easily as others, and what is with the ones who dream a lot? Active imagination? Overly Ambitious? Type A personality–meaning they are so high strung maybe they dream a lot as a way of unwinding and sorting out everything that has happened today. Read more extensively into dreaming. There are some psych websites on dreaming. I hope this is helpful to you.

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