Please tell me everything about Zen Buddhism, I need to know to become a Zen Buddhist?

Zen Bhuddist (not Mahayana or Theravada)

I need to know the entire story, how Zen Buddhists worship in the shrine (if in Zen Buddhism they have a shrine), what a girl should wear in Buddhism, and where to find the teachings of Buddha so I can learn

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  1. This is not the forum to provide the “entire story” of the Zen Buddhist tradition. However, I can provide some information that might be useful to you.

    The Zen tradition of Buddhism originated in China about 500 C.E., where it was called Chan. From China, this tradition spread to Vietnam, Korea, and Japan. In the last 100 years, it has spread to North America, Europe, and elsewhere.

    The term “Zen” means meditation and Zen training focuses on meditation practice. However, Zen meditation goes beyond sitting meditation, to include chanting meditation, walking meditation, work meditation, eating meditation, koan meditation, etc.

    Zen training cultivates a great question: “How is it, just now?” As we drill into this question, the multitude of our mind-habits become exposed. These are our habitual ways of seeing and understanding, and acting in the world.

    As we reveal our mind-habits, we become free of them. Freedom means that we can respond in genuine, compassionate, and wise ways to each new situation.

    Many Zen traditions use koans — short, puzzling stories — to help students develop a great question. When a teacher presents a koan, it creates in us a deep feeling of “don’t know.” From this before-thinking state, a creative, non-habitual response can appear.

    There are many Zen centers throughout the world. If it’s possible for you to visit one of these, you can learn about Zen first-hand. Zen is like salt — someone can tell you everything about the taste of salt, but until you put some into your mouth, you really won’t understand.

    If it’s not possible for you to visit a Zen center, here’s a very good introduction to Zen meditation:

    And a very good book on Zen is “Taking the Path of Zen” by Robert Aitken, Roshi:

    If you have specific questions, please feel welcome to email me.

    Best wishes on your path!

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