5 thoughts on “Ayurveda & Medical Astrology-A Path to Vedic Genetic Medicine-Part I

  1. Visit: Kalkipuri. Authentic details of the Reincarnation of God SreeRama, Sreekrishna and Swamy Vivekananda are written in Ancient MahashivaNadi Sukshmal Sukshmam (Devarahasya Kandam) Chapter Palm Leaves of Kalki. This is the authentic historical evidences of Kalki Avathar.

  2. Great video!

    Wonderful introduction to a natural and healthy way of thinking and living healthy!

  3. Excellent and Apt narration. A good mix of ancient or cultural part to modern way of life, its nuances and remediations.

    Would love to see/read more on vedic genetic medicines and how effective these can be on the current life style issues.

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