11 thoughts on “Wiccan Deity – Animism & Pantheism

  1. working separately as the representation and the source of all that is divine. It is a different tenet to believe that all is God, but what is important is that Pantheist Wiccans, as you said, understand their beliefs. To believe that there is a dualistic nature to divinity, represented in our minds, simplified, as being the Lord and Lady, and identifiying them as being of us, is to be Pantheist Wiccan.

  2. I am behind on my internetting, this video is not new. Anyway, when asked what my religious beliefs are, I say that I am a Pantheist Wiccan. I feel that there is a need to distinguish between Wiccan and Pantheist Wiccan for a couple of reasons. I do not agree that pantheism is a fundamental part of what makes someone Wiccan, it is the belief in a dual God and Goddess. Some Wiccans, in fact most Wiccans, believe that God and Goddess are two separate entities working as a unit, working sep

  3. wow. you camp there? i have never personally seen any place like that. i have woods near where i live, but thats about it. lol.

  4. why that’s my top secret river here in Southeast Alaska, located in the panhandle along the coast North of British Columbia, Canada, around 133W 56N. If I were to say exactly where it is it would spoil the mystery and probably lead a pack of fisherman right to my camp!

  5. you might like this movie i made here in alaska. nothing much happens in it, except for everything.

    it is called A River Runs Through You. it is about qualia time in the outdoors.


  6. i think its fortuitous and maybe the divine is speaking to us. you know, you talk of Pan, and Pan is exactly what i talk about in part of this video. I have also been thinking that too much rituals, symbols, choirs, etc. are too much. i have been thinking to myself that simple campfires and simpler religion is better. maybe Pan or the divine is trying to show us both something from our sharing. Who knows.

  7. oh yes.quite so. i suppose what i was getting at, is, for me it’s personal. just me and pan. don’t need a coven, or a choir and temple or symbols and rituals and lingo and chants for pan. maybe a candle or campfire, if it is dark.
    in many areas i do not think humans have made much progress; this is one-socializing and codifying it – going beyond what is necessary for qualia in pan. peronsally being with nature is the core of it. when in a group have you had the urge to go off by yourself?

  8. did you know that “pan” means “all” in greek. the greeks called him the life-force of the world. the same horned nature deity is found in the Egyptian god Amun, Roman Lupercus, Greek Pan, and Celtic Cernunnos.

  9. thats very true for some people. that is why there are so many different paths, denominations, traditions, etc. because we each have individual needs. however, for me, it is a wonderful path that brings joy and a connection with All that Is. thanks for your input.

  10. interesting, good job. this is why i have always been leery of wicca – too much unnecessary extra baggage. plain old pan is all i need.

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