2 thoughts on “What does this quote from Dylan Thomas mean?

  1. It looks like the claim of someone who is self taught and also extremely inquisitive about the world.

  2. Either in school, where you’re paying for the time to hang out with books and bookish people; or at a time in your life when material comforts take second priority to feeding your mind, it is a time when you have the LIBERTY, the freedom, the time, few distractions, to keep you from grabbing any book that catches your fancy, and diving right in.

    You can read all the works of an author, or soak up as much of a philosophy, or a culture, or the variety of water bugs, that you feel like. You can read all night and sleep all day, it’s a time of freedom at any period in your life, often when you’re a young adult, when you can explore on your own schedule, and thus it is a self-directed series of wandering paths.

    Sometimes you’re so stimulated by the ideas in a book that you’ve just finished, that you can’t wait to go track down another like it, leading you onto your next interesting choice (thus your eyes hanging out with sleep deprivation and wonder at the endless variety of thoughts recorded in books),

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