3 thoughts on “How many poems did Dylan Thomas released before the age of 20?

  1. <>His first published work was “18 Poems” in 1934. He was born in in 1914, so I guess the answer is 18.

  2. 1st answer is accurate, to my knowledge. However, Thomas started writing poetry much younger than 20, and he has reputedly written quite a lot more than 18 poems, officially starting age 12, when a poem of his was published by the Western Mail.

  3. Dylan Thomas born in 1914 and 1953. In my count he wrote 40 poems in his entire life. So that means he wrote about 15-20 novels before 20 years old.

    But I do think he write more poems when he is in his early forties. He died at quite a yong age.

    Try checking the link below for a list of his poems. They are certainly great.

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