How to Make Herbal Capsules How to make herbal capsules with a capsule machine. You can make your own herbal capsules with powdered herbs such as Echinacea or Epimedium. Capsule making is easy and is a great way to save money. Bulk organic herbs and herbal supplies like empty capsules and capsule machines are available at Mountain Rose Herbs.

25 thoughts on “How to Make Herbal Capsules

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  2. @Merrcopper You are correct. Simply grinding up pot and stuffing it in a capsule wont do anything. From what I have read, to make Marijuana pills you need to use olive oil.

  3. love this machine, i make my own capsules for a while now
    guarana, maca and valerian.
    so much cheaper indeed

  4. I’ve done this with chopped, but not powdered herb. Do you think I may have absorbency issues?

  5. @willowoodherbals I think the smaller one are about 500mg but i could be wrong.

  6. i have the cap’em quick machine and this one looks easier and simpler to use. Thanks mountainroseherbs and John!

  7. @Merrcopper yes it would it’s like eatting cannabis, but it takes more time for u to feel the effects

  8. @theSEVENFOLDisLIFE Great idea! You can buy empty capsules from Mountain Rose Herbs. Thank you! ~Erin

  9. Where can you buy empty capsules? I’m shooting a horror film, and I need to make blood capsules to sell an effect, but I don’t know where to buy capsules

  10. awesome video! thanks for the step by step instructions. you made it look easy 🙂

  11. It would be nice filling those with St John’s wort tp ease depression, or valerian and hop ( hops used , femalle strobili ) as sedatoves. Another option would be chammommile, anise seed and mint for digestive problems and aches. Ginger and mint against motion sickness and vomiting urge, and those You can easily powder or get powdered .

  12. thi would be som much better if you could do 50 or 100 at once, 24 is not only annoying if you want to make 100 at a time but also very time consuming. Please make a 50 version, id pay 40 quid. cap m quick do 50 but u have to put tops on manually 🙁

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