Migraine Aura

This is what I see when I get a migraine. I should mention that this depicts a best case scenario in which I take an Almotriptan pill and I am functional again in an hour.

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  1. After talking to my family tonight, found out there are 6 of us with scintillating scotoma.

  2. @MrCrabJuice I’m with you on that!
    I woke up with a tail-end of a migraine today, just the pain, fortunately i didn’t have to experience the goddamn aura! >:[

  3. I had that today!! It’s like looking thru a crystal with flashing rainbow lights! Thanks for posting this. I’m use to them, I get them now and then.

  4. Strange, i have had a few cases of these in my life but never felt any different other than seeing this thing obscuring my view for about five minutes.

    Fortunately i never get them anymore 😉

  5. This is pretty much almost exactly what I’d see when I was a small child (more visible when I’d have my eyelids shut) before I’d have a bad headache/nausea–I know now this was a migraine aura (was FINALLY diagnosed as a migraneur in my thirties when the migraines got much worse).

  6. Amazing. I’ve tried to explain to people what I see while having an “attack”, without much luck. This is it exactly!

  7. Very close depiction to what I see while experiencing scintillating scotoma, except for mine only consists of sparkly black and white crystals. Sometimes they form the shape seen here and other times I see more of a circle all the way around. I usually do not get a headache, but do feel mentally dull afterwards. Been going on for almost 40 years. I suspect rainy days are triggers, but not sure.

  8. Same here! Sometimes the shape it grows into is different and can last different amounts of time, but the static-y, TV snow kind of sensation is how I try to describe it to people. Thanks!

  9. i hv a prob of abnormal palpation near temporal artery and i can feel it al the time and i am so irritated i dont nw wat is it ………….. plz help me if any body nowz abut it…. doctorz still investigating it !!!!!!!!

  10. i hv a prob of abnormal palpation near temporal artery and i can feel it al the time and i am so irritated i dont nw wat is it ………….. plz help me if any body nowz abut it…. doctorz still investigating it

  11. Mine are that color, at least very close. It’s spectral and white, sparkling spots, blobs or zigzags. They flash or move about like spots on old films. I don’t get a giant blob that gets close though. My spots are much smaller, they barely take up much space in my field of vision, nor do they last that long.

  12. I see zig zag colorful line. After it passes over my left eye, headache starts & then I vomit 2-3 time, I get photo-phobia as well as phono-phobia and I go in on room in complete darkness till my attack is over. I really get scared of even thinking about it. Recently I have discovered the one of the reasons is any food which contains mayonnaise. It might sound weird but is true.

  13. I just experienced this for the first time today and it scared me to the point where I contacted my eye doctor for advise. I have a family history of stroke so it feels good to know this might be all it was. Thank you for showing this, it helps! 🙂

  14. It’s like mine, only the jags/zigzags are missing there compared to mine.

  15. I’ve had 3, all the same. Similar to this in size, shape, and timing but on the right side. Mine have black lines moving through it and red at the top with blue at the bottom. No headache or other impairment, I was driving during the last one and pulled over but didn’t feel I needed to.

  16. I have suffered with migraine’s all my life…. I now take Magnesium Citrate daily… 200mg in the morning with breakfast, 200mg at night with dinner…. not had one FOR A YEAR !!! I HIGHLY recommend trying it

  17. I had an aural migraine once when I was little but I would see colourfull flashing circles starting from my center of view and expanding outward. this along intense photophobia, headache and otitis made up for a day in hell. i can’t imagine being a chronic sufferer :S

  18. That was cool. I’m at the ten minute mark. Ooh, pretty colors. I get them when there is a change in the barometric pressure.

  19. I used to get these all the time. They were extremely scary and made me nauseous. I don’t seem to get them anymore, or at least not nearly as regularly. I am still always afraid of getting them when I’m driving or taking important tests.

  20. i had experienced this since i was a child – and i keep wondering what is it – it seems bizarre to me until technology brought internet and i come to search for it (instead of telling my family about it and make them worry) and i learned it is a migraine with aura or could be silent migraine that i am suffering from.

  21. OMG. This is the first time I’ve ever noticed having this happen. I was watching a movie (Brewster’s Millions) when I suddenly realized I couldn’t see one of the four characters on the screen. It was like that part of the screen was dissolved in shimmering light. Peripheral vision looked like a ceiling fan was throwing shadows around the edges, too. I stopped the movie and described it to my wife. It’s like a shimmery rainbow unicorn crescent blind spot! No headache followed, though… yet.

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