a question regarding eckhart tolle and myself?


have you read or listened to eckart tolle’s books and thought this is brilliant?
everything in the book made alot of sense and i could defintley understand where he was coming from

my mind use to work in that way when i was younger, i guess everyone’s did. Since then i have become more materialistic and drink quite abit.
anyways, i think what he says is great and true, but i just can’t seem to adjust my thinking so that it has a positive effect on my life.

once in a blue moon my mind will be clear and everything seems to make sense.

have you struggled putting it into practice?
i’m not talking from a religious point of view
only spirtual
this life is all we have

3 thoughts on “a question regarding eckhart tolle and myself?

  1. Patients and small steps will change you. The fact that you read the information and it had an effect on your thinking is a seed that in time without great monumental effort on your part can blossom if you just allow it a little fertile ground ,just a little.

  2. Yes, I’ve had seconds of having no ego, but they hardly last like Tolle’s. I think he’s just a spiritually advanced soul who must have done a lot of work in a past life and was already stationed unconsciously on another plane before he took this current life and then at the appropriate time, his true spiritual nature came into his consciousness. These people are on another level that we just don’t understand the way they do until we become completely committed to finding Truth and forgetting everything else, and then it will take many lifetimes of that kind of pursuit to get to where Tolle is at.

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