Power of Meditation: Qigong Master Chi Energy

This video explores the powers of meditation. This video is about person who has a true gift. If you enjoy this video, please send a link to it to all of your friends.

25 thoughts on “Power of Meditation: Qigong Master Chi Energy

  1. after tow months of meditating every night for half and hour, now I feel the energy. Its like a pain in my head and then it can be moved around. So next I should pull it to my tommy. Man this part is difficult. It goes to my neck, hands and finger tips, but not to tommy 😀 I keep pushing ;D Thanks for the amaazing vid 🙂

  2. @statuecollector86 when you say “western” people often really mean Caucasians. Is this just another form of racism, but better concealed?

    Your idea of western arrogance is more false perception & propaganda than it is a reality. The people I meet in my ‘western’ country have a profound and deep respect for Asia’s culture and history.

  3. this is not a gift…sayin that he is special or sayin that this is a gift,is the same as insultin him.

  4. @libertytooth His eye was decomposing…
    It’s impossible for it to be recovered, and the chi-healing was to ease pain.

  5. i love how the narrorater says he gets accupuncture for his eye then he comes back later with an eye patch, lol well im open minded but i have to say that visual didnt help my opinion

  6. @statuecollector86 Just by your statement, It seems that you’re as equally arrogant yourself.

  7. One beautiful example of the mastery of specific humanistic abilities souls on planet earth can learn to heal theirselfs and help others for the purpose of love and good intention.

  8. read THE FIELD and THE INTENTION EXPERIMENT from lynne mctaggart… amazon will cost u bout 30 $. bout scientist proving these type of things

  9. someone message me how to do this kind of stuff.i want to get really into it.and am very intrested.thanks

  10. i have been training a bit with chi, i was skeptical, but after a while, i have experienced it, and it is indeed real

  11. @Otonium It’s really not something I can describe in the comments of a youtube video. lol I’ll be glad to discuss it with you sometime if you want.

  12. @MaskedCartoon Hi! Define hardcore please… Does he meditates for hours? In the woods? no food? -no kidding, I’m interested- Thanks!

  13. if you know, how long does it take to truly master it or learn how to put paper on fire with this Art?

  14. A truly wonderfull man, we must adopt love for all beings, and only with love and discipline can we reach our full potential…it is but a regret that the camera crew and people if this production dishonoured his privacy

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