2012 : Nietzsche’s “Eternal Recurrence” & I-Ching

Also, could Deja Vu be proof of Nietzsche’s “eternal recurrence of all events”?

25 thoughts on “2012 : Nietzsche’s “Eternal Recurrence” & I-Ching

  1. Nietzsche’s idea of eternal recurrence I don’t think was meant to be taken literally. It was meant to arouse an emotion about how you’ve lived your life. Most people I’ve asked say they wouldn’t want it to happen which validates Schopenhauer. Also Nietzsche appears to fail in saying anything about people who are dealt bad hands in life…IE people could be forced to live very terrible lives because of the deterministic nature of the cosmos.Nietzsche even mentions free will is a hoax.

  2. @SecretSoceity Whenever you imagine, or take drugs, and see all those patterns and shapes and beings, you are seeing what happened before this universe was created.

  3. Its like a railroad track, the Earth will always go around the Sun and there will always (at least for a very long time) be day and night and summer and winter. It is a deja-vu that there is this pattern of light and dark, it is almost magical – and it was, before our minds were enlightened to the fact of solar mechanics, however we still do not know how the universe began, and that remains the last part of the “magic” that science is trying to take away from our collective imagination.

  4. @guitaoist Are you thick, or do you simply not know how to read? I never dismissed your “theory” on the basis of your misreading of Nietzsche. I simply said you got Nietzsche’s eternal return completely wrong when you stated that he “believed in the eternal recurrence of all events; that somehow all of history is going to always repeat, over and over again, no matter what we do” (0:26 – 0:35). You can say that this is your belief, but this is not Nietzsche’s. Stop being reactive, read with care!

  5. right, ur equating one thing as valid enough to discredit it all..sounds bias enough from my end.so did u check my last vid or u just like my attention..?

    nietzsche name thru dirt? read my paper, u have no clue what ive discovered u bore u ..yawnyawnn

  6. @guitaoist If you have read a lot of Nietzsche, you surely haven’t read it very carefully, which has been my point all along. Quantity does not translate into quality. It is clear from your literal (mis)reading of the eternal return that you are also obviously mistaken about a lot of Nietzsche’s thoughts. If you want to call your video something else, like “My theory of history repeating and I-Ching”, that’s fine, but don’t drag Nietzsche’s name through the dirt. Resort to insults if it helps u.

  7. ok good for u. have fun not experiencing the psychic shift in which im helping…just cuz you disagree with one idea, doesnt mean my 300 other videos are negligable.. grow up and work out your own philosophy before you make claims that i dont have a good understanding.. i doubt youve read as much nietzsche, psychic phenomena, or mckenna than i have..and if so, make a bloddy video and prove it you no name no pic youtuber.

  8. @guitaoist At no point did I talk of a “misinterpretation of nazism”. If you read attentively, you would have noticed that I said: 1) your reading is a common misinterpretation of Nietzsche; and 2) others have even misinterpreted him as a precursor to Nazism. Paying attention to the subject of sentences is important.

    I’m finished engaging with you. You have demonstrated as true what I have been suspecting: You are not very good at understanding what you read, whether it’s me or Nietzsche.

  9. did u just compare my timewave zero theory to the misinterpretation of nazism?
    if so you need a class in fruits: apples and oranges.

  10. @guitaoist I can tell by your use of capital letters that you are angry. Let me say this: Nietzsche’s very style opened up his thoughts to interpretation. But that does not mean that there cannot be misinterpretations. Your reading is indeed in line with other similar readings, all of which have been entirely discredited as impoverished readings (along with the notion that he was a precursor to Nazism). I think you are thinking outside the wrong box.

  11. so should you:”an injustice to his contribution to contemporary thought” lol
    yeah nietzsche never wanted ANYONE to question and elaborate on his thoughts.
    get real.

    i know socrates’s wisdom was that he didnt know anything…BUT HE DID KNOW THAT

    and the history thing: it IS one of the interpretations concerning that recurrence theory…IM NOT THE FIRST TO STATE IT..i AM the first to tie in timewave zero with it..forgive me for thinking outside of the box..nietzsche would NEVER do THAT…….

  12. @guitaoist And you do indeed state, which much clarity, that Nietzsche “believed in the eternal recurrence of all events; that somehow all of history is going to always repeat, over and over again, no matter what we do” (:26-:35). So, is this really your “theory”?

  13. @guitaoist I never mentioned anything about beliefs but since you brought it up, I think you are operating entirely in the realm of belief. Comparing Nietzsche’s important ideas to your “theory” is an injustice to his contribution to contemporary thought. If you want to be a thinker and a writer, I’d advise you to take heed to the following Socratic wisdom: Wisdom begins with knowing that you do not know what you think you do. You should learn how to take constructive criticism my friend.

  14. reread? this is my theory, not my beleifs, lets distinguish between the two please

  15. @guitaoist The eternal return is always the eternal return of difference. This should be your starting point as you embark on a re-reading of Nietzsche’s eternal return.

  16. @guitaoist For your own intellectual health, I think you should heed the advice of those who tell you that Nietzsche’s eternal return was not a theory of history’s repeating itself. You seem like a smart young man (I agree with much of your critique of the fool who “lectured” on Zarathustra), but you are off the rails if you believe that Nietzsche held any kind of teleological view of history. I would advise you not to conflate Terence Mckenna’s thoughts with Nietzsche’s.

  17. Terence McKenna has stated that text will become a dead medium as we approach 2012. Don’t write a book but you should rather BE the book you want to write. Modern day shamans really DO exist but they are the ones who are ingesting shamanic doses of entheogenic plants… ” The one’s who are closest to the alchemical gold, the one’s who hold it in their hands are silent and poised” – Terence McKenna

  18. All the thoughts of 2012 could be meaningless or relative to one event in history. One’s knowing that something earth shattering will happen in 2012, an ending, a beginning, maybe all of these things will come to pass.
    Instead of theories lets look at facts, one being a fact of physical nature that could destroy all life as we know it on this planet in a moment of time. The physical evidence is out there, that being the dome in Yellowstone National Park in the USA. When it blows earthlings end.

  19. no deja vu is a reconciled mental state from elementary fuctions that recreate reality. memory is not concieved of images in motion. deja vu is particular neural pathways that can be categorized as consciousness of sentimental, somatic, perceptual and logical value.

  20. You all may be interested in a book written by Greg Braden called “Fractal Time”. In the book he explains the cyclical nature of time and offers a “time calculator”. Also, Google “hyperdimensional sphere” for more information on time and 2012.

  21. I can’t hold ideas in either I’m also writing a book now. – but in answer to your youtube vid, I think there is reincarnation – we reincarnate after we have died and have ascended and descended the outer spheres of the spiritual realm (AKA heaven etc) – I personally think as prophecised 2012 is the beginning of the next procession (the next age) i,e, a new revolution in human consciouness + it is also said that lucifer reincarnate on earth – as will elijah who will prepare earth for the sun god

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