5 thoughts on “Could a pantheist explain to me what exactly pantheism means?

  1. I’m an atheist, but I have always admired pantheism, so I’ll have a go at this anyway.

    Pantheists believe that the universe/reality and god are the same thing, or that god is the laws of the universe. It is a very poetic use of the word God.

  2. if you know richard dawkins, he explained pantheism in one sentence:


    its a form of belief that’s very confusing. it involves there being a god and being no god.

    in theistic pantheism there is a god, but he is not a personal god.
    this god is not necessarily alive. this god is everything and everyone. you can say this is the sence that we are all made out of star stuff.

    its pretty much atheism, but involves every thing being in a unity.

    buddhism is a pantheistic religion, although it is non theistic.

    Einstein was a pantheist, and he believed in god, but not a personal god.

  3. Pantheists usually view God as the universe. There are some Pantheistic religions as well, Hinduism and Taoism are perfect examples of this. There are technically different types of Pantheists. Scientific or natural pantheism is a modern form of pantheism that deeply reveres the universe, but does not believe in supernatural deities.

    To me god is the supreme force. Thus being said the universe fits nicely as that definition =)

  4. let’s see..

    the universe came from a certain, thermodynamic concept called singularity, and singularity can be of a matter together with its nucleaus and atoms within it, as it expense,..the universe, and the rest of its components like the gravity,hydrogen, nebula, planets,gas stars etc. all compose of matter and energy so that is why they are of existence,…now for the planet earth,..it was form from a gas and condense together into a solid planetary mass, water, begun to form, and fishes, animals, plants and mountains formed..we are also compose of matter and energy, and we owe almost everything to nature and its fertile cradle,..that we call earth,..some would say that god is not up there unlike the bible would say,..but rather he was like among us,…we are all gods!,..including animals,plants,trees, mountains,..matter can also be our god!

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