If it is good and holy to keep pagan festivals, (I don’t think it is) why don’t Christians keep all of them?

Why are there so many pagan festivals that Christians do not embrace? Shouldn’t they be consistent, and embrace all of the pagan festivals? If two of the pagan festivals have so “improved” the previously “inferior” Christian faith, why not bring in further improvement?

For that matter, why don’t Christians take the festivals of even more faiths, to continue this “wondrous improvement”?

How about Christians start keeping Ramadhan? Complete with Christian SYMBOLISM, nicely compromised with Islamic meaning.

Why don’t Christians do that?

8 thoughts on “If it is good and holy to keep pagan festivals, (I don’t think it is) why don’t Christians keep all of them?

  1. But Christians don’t celebrate pagan festivals. We have made our own festivals and celebrate them on the same days as pagan festivals.

  2. Give it time , they most likely will as they embrace many Pagan festivals already .
    Catholic means universal & has absorb paganism to convert them to Christianity .

  3. Human sinfulness of not cleansing the church has caused the inclusion of many pagan traditions. That has been the problem from early in history. Look at Jacob and Rachael (who stole her father’s gods). On the other hand, God created everything and everything will eventually glorify Him. As a result, Christians can “reclaim” pagan days and activities for the glory of God, but this process sometimes gets off track. “Easter” is a great example. It is a pagan celebration that has been converted to a Christian tradition of celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I do my best not to call it “Easter” but to call it “Resurrection Sunday.”

  4. i don’t think that Christians should have to embrace Pagan festivals, just as I believe that Pagans don’t have to celebrate Christian holidays…though the Catholic Church “Christianized” many Germanic Pagan beliefs in their crusade to convert everyone in the world to Catholicism

    But I do believe that everyone should respect another person’s faith, regardless of what it is, and coexist peacefully

  5. In a movie there was this island polynesian princess going with her family to cut down a Christmas tree. She was giving thanks to the valley gods for the tree and when her sister from Boston was astonished that she prayed to the valley Gods.
    She said ” I believe in the one God as we all do but I also respect the traditions and customs of my people”
    It’s comes from a classic John Wayne movie “Donovan’s Reef (1963)”

  6. The Venerable Bede, an early Christian writer pointed out that the Christian church absorbed Pagan practices when it found the population unwilling to give up the festivals. Thus a lot of what Christians now see as Christians practices are in fact pagan!!!

    Scratch the Christian and you find the pagan – spoiled. – Israel Zangwill

  7. Islam is not a pagan religion. It is one of the Abrahamic religions like Christianity and Judaism.

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