25 thoughts on “The Corrs – Dreams (Unplugged)

  1. @KinC0014
    Andrea Corr is back ! Find her on Facebook and Twitter! Her`s new album is out early summer 🙂

  2. ♪ ♬ Thunder only happens when it’s raining… Players only love you when they’re playing… ♬ ♪

  3. Its strange how much we let go in quality when we watch live artists today. “Its live so we can expect it to be a bit shoite”. The Corrs make you realise that there is no excuse. Absolutely spot on, they are.

  4. @highonimmi Was going to reply to him but you pretty much said everything I wanted to!

  5. Why Jim sings so few? I don’t understand. Can someone explain it to me clearly?

  6. @21313334

    Your mom will do it. Since you are a prison bitch maid, you will do it too 🙂

  7. Hear the latest interview with Jim Corr…..

    iamthewitness.c o m/audio/jim%20corr/TFC.SMITH.JIM.CORR.11.29.2010.mp3

  8. @lampje444 ime neither manager to them nor am i sad. i just dont care for someone insulting women. especially talented ones. we arent here to serve anyones ass. he is the sad one coming here and flaming. u werent part of the convo so go take ure lol’n nosy ass outta things that dont concern u. lololololol

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