Caroline Myss on Chakras

Free Weekly Wisdom. Visit From The Energetics of Healing: You have heard Dr. Caroline Myss share her revelations about the human body’s energy anatomy. You have read her stunning insights into why some people heal and others don’t. Now, on The Energetics of Healing, you can see Dr. Myss present her groundbreaking views on the human energy system and the unseen obstacles to total wellness. Join bestselling author and health authority Dr. Caroline Myss for a fascinating guided tour of this hidden dimension of the human body. Using computer graphics created especially for this program, Dr. Myss pulls back the curtain on the body’s physical anatomy to reveal its energy anatomy. She guides you through all seven chakra centers and correlates them with daily practices for learning the physical language of the spirit – and the spiritual language of the body. The Energetics of Healing offers a bold new vision of the human body and the unseen obstacles to healing.

25 thoughts on “Caroline Myss on Chakras

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  2. I bought the book healers handbook didn’t expect much from it…but whoa so wrong.

    Cancer twice in my family both members have strong thought patterns that align with specific chakra centers. Our minds affect our physical health so strongly.
    Bruce Lipton is also a great informative person for this type of knowledge.

    thanks for this _()_

  3. WOW… put forth in a way anyone can understand.. Thank You Caroline!!

  4. This women is amazing, read her books and your way of thinking will change.

  5. @steveJOK I feel nothing off with her body language. Perhaps you’re experiencing resistance to something new. Often when we begin to believe in something new, there is a part of us that will continue to resist it, and that part become stronger and stronger as the new part of us continues to grow. It’s resistance to change. Our work is to strengthen the new part and listen to the old while witnessing both, giving neither definitive weight. Simply the experience to grow.

  6. I’ve been watching her for a while now…impressed at first…but the body language is giving her away more and more…and the language is becoming less defined…beginning to think that she is a conning me now. Oh well!

  7. you aren’t your thoughts but the observer of your thoughts, a Being rather than a intellect identity you are, that is.

  8. I love how absorbed the audience is. They are zoned in so intensely, it’s awesome. i wouldn’t want to miss a beat in her presentation either.

  9. I’ve read a few of her books. She’s very intelligent and presents well thought out material. Sacred Contracts is worth checking out. She doesn’t get the recognition that Tolle or Deepak does but is an efective teacher.

  10. I really resonate with all this…..thank you for sharing
    much love to you

  11. Their eating each other and morphing into the super chakras sellers! My third chakra is swollen and I can’t get up ….to your modality! Nothing like having your own chakras attacking each other. Can’t let that stop me, though. I need to go Reiki in some cash to pay for my gullibility habit.

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