2 thoughts on “Does anyone know of a really good brand of a passion flower tincture that I could buy?

  1. I would recommend a company called Herb Pharm. I use their passion flower tincture, their herbs are organically grown w/o chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbacides. It is also important that the herbs you use are not irradiated. Two other favorites are Planetary Herbals, and Gaia Herbs, Frontier Herbs, but my favorite is Herb Pharm.

  2. In addition to HerbPharm, Gaia, Frontier and Planetary Herbals, Rainbow Light and Hannah Kroeger also make EXCELLENT tinctures. Dry Creek Herb Farm in Auburn, CA, also used to have its own line. You could contact them, or go online to see if they still do. Aphrodisia in NYC at Bleeker and 6th Avenue could also put you in touch with excellent herbal tinctures.

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