Sun signs???

Have you noticed that libra and leo seem to be the most popular(social, friends wise) in the zodiac ? why do you think this is ?

4 thoughts on “Sun signs???

  1. ive noticed that as well. see i am a pieces and there is barly a lot of pieces. and i have no clue why.

  2. leo’s ruling planet is the sun (which i know isn’t a planet but a star… but anyways); all of the planets literally orb around the sun; it provides energy, life source, etc. they’re “natural leaders”, shall we say, life of the party.

    libras are ruled by venus, which is known for its love of pleasure, love, lack of conflict, etc.; venus is a people-pleasing type planet and naturally, libra which falls in control of such planet would seek to please the people around them as well. no one would truly hate someone who give them happiness and pleasure…

    just my take on why libra and leos may be the most popular…

  3. I am Libra and to tell you the truth, I know only one Leo and actually my best friend is a Sagittarius.

    Popularity has to do with the Moon placement which accounts for my popularity among Sagittarians. Check your chart for her placement and you might be surprised of your popularity.

    Why shouldn’t Cancer & Pisces or Aquarius and Libra be friends or, Leo and Sagittarius ?

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