Pagans, What are you doing to celebrate the most pagan holiday on the calender? Easter?

Im going to burn some incense and make some goat sacrifices to the goddess Ēostre of Anglo-Saxon paganism, from which the word Easter originates from.

And then I’m going to draw a pentagram on my forehead, what about you?

19 thoughts on “Pagans, What are you doing to celebrate the most pagan holiday on the calender? Easter?

  1. Daniel, I’m not a Pagan but just a word of warning. Don’t let PETA find out about them goat sacrifices.

  2. I’m an Atheist but I’m all for celebrating fertility. I wouldn’t be into the goat sacrifices though…

  3. I thought I would go dance naked under a tree as long as we were kicking it old school this year, So much better than watching DVRed House M.D. till 7 in the morning like I did last year.

    Congrats, you really opened my eyes to everything I was doing wrong with my religion!

  4. may 6 is pagan holiday I always celebrate with my family and community even we are not Pagans any more..We use to be….We go in river early in the morning before sunrise and take bath naked in river All girls do ….It was like tradition for beauty and blessings that is what they tolled me and then Go dance all day on festival with family friends and look for boys

  5. I am going to kill the Easter Bunny with a sgian achlais…then i’m gonna eat that sucker! I can’t draw on my forehead…shakey hands…too much coffee.

  6. I’m don’t practice paganism, but I enjoy any holiday. I celebrated Ostara with Wiccan friends in March – just a little celebration, nothing much.

    However, for Easter I will enjoy a small feast with Christian family – they always have an Easter dinner.

  7. Daniel, you have a unique celebration of easter like my pagan friends where they used to cut trees, out of it make images of their alleged different gods/goddesses such sun, moon, stars, plants, animals and birds. During their day of celebration portions of cut woods or left over from carved wooden images they all gather and get more woods. They then prepare a bonfire and dance around the wooden statutes while offering blood of goat as sacrifice. They cook the goat’s meat, eat and drink and continue merry making till all get exhausted.

    I was told that some of pagan’s beliefs and traditions were still being practiced or part of Catholic Doctrines like worship and kissing of wooden images. Also, Sunday worship in honor of their Sun god, December 25th celebration of pagan god’s birthday, etc, and called Mary the mother of God.

  8. I went to an egg hunt, did crafts with the kids, had dinner with my mom and worshipped the Goddess under the moon.

    Like the vast majority of Pagans, animal sacrifices are not a practice in my faith.

    I don’t draw pentagrams on my forehead, I’m not a goth teen. I do where my pentacle jewelry though.

    I had a lovely day, thank you for asking.

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