What perennial medicinal herbs grow well in full shade?

I would like to grow medicinal herbs, but so far my efforts have failed. I live in an apartment and need to grow them inside. There are only two windows that I could put them by, one of which never gets direct sun, and the other has sun heavily filtered through a tree. I bought a full-spectrum light bulb to aid in their sunlight needs, but this doesn’t seem to be helping much. I don’t have the extra cash to get any fancier than that. I have tried mint, lemon balm, chive, basil, gotu kola, sage, and thyme.

I think that I just need to try and grow perennial medicinal herbs that prefer full shade and are hard to kill. Could anyone list for me medicinal herbs that thrive in full shade? I would prefer herbs that aren’t root-based in their medicinal properties (such as ginger) as I don’t want to dig up my potted plants!

2 thoughts on “What perennial medicinal herbs grow well in full shade?

  1. All herbs need a good amount of sun. It is very hard to try and reproduce nature inside of a house with herbs without some costly equipment.

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