Where do you purchase herbs to mix in loose leaf tea?

I am an AVID tea drinker, and would LOVE to experiment more with loose leaf tea, and mixing herbs spices, and fruit flavor in my tea. Where do I find these things to mix in my loose leaf white, black, green, etc.? I am looking to make my purchases online, but I do not know what to search. Also do you have any tips with the tea experiments I am interested in? Thanks a bunch.

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  1. There are tons of sellers on Ebay who sell all types of herbs, spices, teas, coffee and such, you might want to give it a look.

  2. I also drink green tea (Chinese Bancha Leaf Tea). I add sometimes German Chamomile Flowers (dried), or Peppermint Leaf (dried). I never add any sweeteners.

    You can get leaf teas, and many herbs at:

    call them to get a discount from posted prices (20%). I recommend packs of 1 lb.

    NOTE: most local health foods stores use Frontier Coop as their supplier anyway. Do not buy from the self-service jars because people make them unclean. The cleanest and cheapest way is directly from Frontier Coop

  3. Here’s a link. You can order all of your loose tea here.;


    They also carry tea strainers, tea bags and all sorts of supplements, including ginseng.

    You can purchase many kinds of loose tea at your local health food store, but this link has much more variety, and it’s really fresh. I’ve visited the site, and have purchased loose tea and ginseng here. I highly recommend it.

  4. http://www.fine-t.co.uk would be a good place to start for different teas. I’m not sure that they could help with the herbs and spices, but they sell a great range of teas and some of them are fruity, or have fruity flavours. You’ll also be able to ask them what they recommend, based on what you like already.


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