Can herbs, of a medicinal nature, be used in cooking?

Hubby scolds people on TV, even actors in ads, (he says “Look! at that ugly person trying to,…..). So last night while he was performing his evening scold I thought”Why can’t some of those medicinal herbs be put in food & Hubby will stop scolding TV.”
So 3 questions:
What, if any, medicinal herbs can be used in cooking?
Can enough be used to have a noticeable effect while not queering the flavour or texture of food?
Which ones have a calming effect?

3 thoughts on “Can herbs, of a medicinal nature, be used in cooking?

  1. I guess I am not so much of knowing what the actual herbs or dosage…eeeeerrrrr….amount would be. I have always heard it was something to the amount of ‘set the load to wildebeest’ and hope for the best.

    These herbs may not give the desired result. Instead of herbs, have him try smoking a ham instead. I have tried this before, but find it very difficult to keeping it lit.

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