Have experimental results for astrology not been repeated?

How is astrology a pseudoscience. Have experimental results been repeated for astrology and what were the results and who has repeated the experimental results on astrology?

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  1. in order to repeat there had to have been a previous set of results for comparison. there are none. astrology is not a pseudoscience. it goes into the category of vodo, witch craft or tarot cards. you could try consulting a wiji board.
    just had a novel idea. why not post this question on the religious page and see how believers in the supernatural react to it.
    Jose, wouldn’t your citation be considered more a debunking than a scientific experiment?

  2. Yes, experiments have been performed on astrology. For instance, you can take the birth dates/times/places of nine random people and one serial killer to an astrologer, and s/he correctly identifies the serial killer… 10% of the time. If astrology cannot be used to identify potential serial killers it probably cannot be used for anything.

  3. José essentially nailed it in what concerns experimental testing of specific predictions (horoscopes are generally vague statements with which anyone can identify). Most people believe the stuff for psychological reasons, not that Astrology as a general rule can be verified. Additionally Science improves on mistake, with better models, more accurate equations and the like. When something turns out wrong in Science the first thing scientists want to know is what was wrong and why it was wrong. If you talk to Astrologers however, if they find some acquaintance in the listener about the methods of Science, they will tell you flat out that they do not aim at predicting anything. What they do is more like “guidance”, suggestions that may apply or not to your day. You get therefore horoscopes that are not verifiable and cannot be improved on error (a very important point in Science).

    A fisherman may have unreasonable trust on a specific bait because sometime he had a very good catch. It’s difficult to argue with him that probably in that day he could have used any bait and get a good catch. The same way people have lucky and unlucky numbers, betting in Lotto, but where’s the evidence that some numbers are better than others? Equal probability in the drawing of numbers means such beliefs are irrational. Now go and argue with the customer that it’s all a swindle of the Alternative Science guys (like if alternative applied to Science).

    I would say that a very small minority of the Alternative guys, may be very perceptive people, capable of practical common sense good advice. The real tragic is the people who actually need professional help, from a priest, a physician or a psychiatrist, who fail to find the help they need, and rely on stuff like the “magnetic memory of water” that in recent years has been argued to be transmissible through a telephone signal… If you get my drift…

  4. Astrology is considered a Pseudoscience because of things that happened thousands of years ago. Not because it can’t be repeated. We couldn’t find sub-atomic particles or even atoms at one point but even when we could not find them it was and still is a science. The CERN in france is looking for things that may or may not exist but it is still a science. Astrology has been around longer than science. In the middle ages certain very powerful Christian churches tried to incorporate the ” dark arts” into there religions. Tarot cards, astrology, psychics, etc. But the practicers of these arts refused to tell there secrets to savages that use the name of there God to opress other people including these people of the “Dark Arts”. So inretaliation the leaders of these Christian religiouns , mainly Catholics, told there subjects that these were “dark arts” formed by the devil. They took a, if I can not have it no one can mentality, suprising for christians. So for the next 2-3 thousand years these people were seen as crazy, evil, and wierd. So even if some one said hey I have repeatable result, true science, no one believe it because it hase been drilled into our brain for thousands of years. Oh and it is real because if gravitational pulls from the moon and sun and other planets can have effects on earth, IT WOULD HAVE AN EFFECT ON AN INFANTS BRIAN WHEN IT IS DEVELOPING, HENCE GIVING THEM CERTAIN TRAITS FOR CERTAIN GRAVITATIONAL PULLS.

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