How can I figure out my sun, moon, venus and mars signs?

I already know what my sun sign is, however, I am not sure what the rest are, and I’d rather not display my full birth date for safety reasons. Is there any formula to calculate my moon, venus and mars, or a site? Help would be most appreciated.

3 thoughts on “How can I figure out my sun, moon, venus and mars signs?

  1. Sign for a free account at, and enter your birth details, then click on free horoscopes —> Personal portrait —> scroll furthest down this category, and you will find your natal planetary positions.

  2. Dear friend, with your sun sign general characterstics only can be given. However, without yur DOB, time and place of birth you cannot calculate the planet positions. By these details your security cannot be jeopardised. In case someone wants to trace you, it is simple by tracking your email, where your house and computer can be located. So now you have to decide what you want to find out by knowing your planet positions. BYE!

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